10 Cup Packaging Drink Business Ideas With Small Capital

Ngopisantuy.com – Cup Packaging Drink Business Ideas With Small Capital Building a beverage business is a popular culinary venture today.

Many beverage entrepreneurs have generated huge profits. You may attempt the cup packaging beverage company; there are many different varieties of inexpensive cup beverages on the market; you can buy drinks in bulk and then sell them in cup packaging.

Before selling packaged beverages, you should be familiar with the sorts of modern drinks that many people purchase, since they do not offer drinks that do not sell well in the market.

Cup Packaging Drink Business Ideas With Small Capital

Cup Packaging Drink Business Ideas With Small Capital, I will provide a cup packaging beverage company concept with a little capital that many people will purchase.

Cup Packaging Drink Business Ideas With Small Capital
Cup Packaging Drink Business Ideas With Small Capital

1. Boba

Tapioca flour, chocolate, and sugar are combined to make the chewy circular boba. Boba, or bubble tea, was invented in Thailand using a combination of black tea and milk.

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Boba concoctions now come in a wider range of tastes and variants. Some include jasmine or green tea, matcha, colong, chocolate, coffee, taro, mango pudding, strawberry, watermelon, caramel, and bubble gum. The Chatime brand’s boba menu is produced with pearls, a form of miniature boba.

2. Iced Coffee with Milk

The drink with the most orders at Gofood in the final semester of 2021 is Es Kopi Susu. The mix of coffee’s bitterness and milk’s sweetness is the most popular among diverse groups.

Palm sugar iced coffee is a popular iced coffee milk. This drink is excellent and refreshing because to the mix of coffee, milk, and palm sugar.

3. Cincau Ice Cappuccino

This drink was a smash thanks to the very simple process of making ice cappuccino grass jelly. In the Indonesian market, black grass jelly is readily accessible. Tempo Doeloe provides a franchise for ice cappuccino cincau. Each cup necessitates a minimal investment.

4. Thailand Tea

Dum Thai Tea has several Thai tea franchisees in the Surakarta region. The name is related to but not the same as Dum Dum.

Dum Thai tea has a variety of drink options, including thai tea, coffee tea, taro, chocolate, and lemonade thai tea.

5. Matcha Dalgona

For individuals who dislike coffee, Dalgona matcha is an option. It may be served cold or hot and is made with matcha foam and full cream milk.

Five Colors, one of the Dalgona cocktails, has Dalgona in five different tastes. To obtain the Five Colors franchise bundle.

6. Blending Ice

Different methods to serve, ice blend necessitates the use of a blender to combine all of the components before serving, including milk, sugar, and extra tastes such as chocolate, coffee, fruit, or other flavors.

7. Cheese Tea / Ice Tea

Es Teh Poci is a well-known cup tea drink. This iced tea is still popular since it tastes simple and delicious.

The latest tea-serving idea is to combine it with cheese. Cheese is not simply a garnish; it is also incorporated into the drink. Kini Cheese Tea is one of them.

8. Chocolate Kress

The topping in the shape of crispy chocolate crumbs is one of the drinks with this chocolate taste. Drinks featuring crispy chocolate crumbs, such as Nyoklat Kress.

What We Do Chocolate has a wide range of combined tastes and chocolate toppings. Not only that, but About Us Toast is made with white bread and comes in a range of tastes.

9. Yogurt

Fermented milk is used to make yogurt. Aside from being healthful, the fundamental constituents of yogurt make it suitable for ingestion by everyone from babies to the elderly.

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Haiyo Yogurt is one of the yogurt-based cup drink brands. Haiyo Yogurt offers yogurt in a variety of fruit flavors, including strawberry, blueberry, lychee, grape, and plain.

10. Ice Dawet of Today

Traditional dawet ice can be combined with tastes such as Taro, Ovaltine, and Red Velvet. Drinks from Kamu and Dawet, for example.

Include different Dawet flavors such as Dawet Dark Cookies or Dawet Cookies Jelly. Dawet can also be combined with cheese and topped with chocolate crumbs.

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