10 Game Making Money Direct to Account Without Capital 2022

Ngopisantuy.com – Game Making Money Direct to Account Without Capital 2022, How do you get money just by playing games?

Here is a selection of games you may play at home that earn money directly to your account. Many individuals are still unaware that there are direct-to-account money-making games available nowadays.

The majority of people believe that playing video games is a waste of time.
You may simply acquire free money immediately into your account if you know how. You only need to be skilled at the game.

Game Making Money Direct to Account Without Capital 2022

Game Making Money Direct to Account Without Capital 2022

1. Clipclap

Clipclap is the first game we recommend for making money. Why? Because it isn’t only about playing games to get money.

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You may also view films, do quizzes, and spin the wheel, and all of these activities will be rewarded in the form of treasure chests, which you will open to reveal the treasures.

The prize is in the form of coins and scratch coupons that must be gathered in order to rub the scratch if the coupon is adequate and has the potential to win dollars that may be cashed out by Ovo, Dana, Gopay, or Pulsa.

Not appealing? Not only that, but if you just enrolled, you may receive a prize of 0.2 dollars, which can be distributed instantly via PayPal, and if you use the reward code 5701655610, you can receive an extra prize of 0.2-1 dollars.

2. Market Glory

Market Glory is one of the most legitimate and proved to pay off PC games that earn money straight to your account. For the system, you must establish a firm and operate it till it turns a profit.

Profits may be exchanged for actual money using Paypal, Bitcoin, and Bank BCA. Isn’t it simple? Market Glory appears to provide a sizable potential to make money for free.

In this digital age, we must be astute in order to capitalize on the opportunities that exist. If you’ve ever played games, you know they’re pointless. However, many schoolchildren now have savings accounts worth millions of rupiah simply from playing games.

3. Mager

Mager, perhaps you’re thinking of an acronym for Males Mobility? If so, the same. We initially mistook this program for a motivational tool for the indolent.

But it didn’t work. Mager is one of the games that help you balance your cash; there are also OVO, Gopay, and Credit Vouchers.

If you’ve established an account and started playing the game. You will have three game menu options to choose from.

The awards or prizes are also vary in each menu, such as Golden Tickets, Silver Tickets, and Mager Coins.

If you gather enough coins to satisfy the minimum requirement of 5000, you may exchange them for credit vouchers (Axis, Smartfren, Telkomsel, Im3, Xl, 3) or e-money coupons (Ovo, Dana, Gopay).

Furthermore, 5000 mager coins are comparable to 5000 pulse coupons or e-money and may be used in multiples.

However, the maximum coin that may be gathered is just 100,000. What’s more, every time you check in, you’ll receive a ticket incentive at random, and you may also play Lucky Spin.

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The more diligently you log in the next day, the more tickets you will receive, both Golden and Silver.

And the ticket is quite beneficial if you frequently lose in the game. If you’re weary of playing games, it doesn’t stop there. You may earn a golden ticket by completing surveys.

4. The Coin Republic (GoldenTown)

Coin Republic appears to be similar to Township and Simcity, however it is a bit more entertaining. This game, like Market Glory, requires you to monitor virtual money by working and creating a firm.

The virtual money may then be swapped for actual money. Isn’t it simple?

Until now, Coin Republic has been a popular game that earns money straight to the 2022 account since it is simple and does not require cash.

5. Mobile Premier League

This Premier League Mobile Game became popular quite some time ago. You may try out a range of fun games in this game.

You can compete in the competitions given and try to be the best. Diamonds will be awarded if you are the best.

These Diamonds can then be converted into Gopay balances. You may also transfer your Gopay money to your personal account. Anyone can play this game since it is so simple.

Do you want to give it a shot? Simply deposit money into the above-mentioned account and begin playing the recommended money-making games.

6. Hago

Is Hago still a legitimate android game that earns money directly into your account after a few years? According to the most recent evaluations in 2017, several customers were successful in withdrawing money in the form of balances or credit.

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So, for those of you looking for extra cash, there’s nothing stopping you from attempting this game. Even playing is simple; simply water the money tree till it grows large and gather every coin that exists.

7. EazeGames

Eazegames is a method or website designed for players who desire to earn money only by playing video games. There are a number of fun games available here, like Archery World Tour, Stack Tower, and Free Kick Shooter.

However, you must first register with a current email address. Then, play the game against other people. If you win, you will receive Eazegames money, which can be turned into Paypal funds.

Even if it does not accept bank withdrawals or e-wallets, there is no harm in giving it a go, right? After all, based on user feedback, Eazegames appears to be a legitimate direct-to-account money-making game.

8. Gold Mine

Gold Mine is a simple and enjoyable direct-to-account Android money-making game. In this game, all you have to do is hoe to find the box containing the riches. Not only that, but there are 5 events every day with a range of tempting rewards.

Gold Mine APK is available on the Play Store and has been downloaded by over 100,000 users, with overwhelmingly good feedback. This game is pretty legitimate and definitely anti-cheat.

9. KingCard

Perhaps the phrase Rajakartu is still alien to you. However, this game can create real money that is deposited straight into the account. Furthermore, by playing other games like as Rummy and Capsa Susun, you can win up to millions.

It’s simple to make a lot of money on Rajakartu. Sign up, play, and receive your chips. If you have a large number of chips, please offer them to other players for a specified price.

10. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Android (PUBGM)

If you want to attempt the quickest money-making game, odds are you can do it with this one. You’re probably aware that PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games in Indonesia. Most teenagers have probably played this one game.

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PUBG Mobile may genuinely be utilized as a source of money, despite the hype. To win frequently, you just need to be competent at playing the game.

PUBG Mobile is a money-making game that is simple to complete. Try to get access to jockey services if you have strong talents.

Later, you must play the application game using someone else’s account; if you reach a specific level, you will be paid by the account owner.

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