10 Homemade Snacks Business, Small Capital, Big Profits

Ngopisantuy.com – Homemade Snacks Business, Small Capital, Big Profits Want to sell food but have no idea what to sell? There are different sorts of food that are frequently purchased as modern snacks.

If you wish to sell at home, continue on because the business zone will present 12 home-based snack enterprises with minimal capital and high returns.

Selling food is not random; we must decide what sort of homemade snacks to offer. Even if you don’t yet have a booth, the treats I’ll outline can be offered at home.

Homemade Snacks Business, Small Capital, Big Profits

Homemade Snacks Business, Small Capital, Big Profits Many people have discovered and often purchased snack enterprises, but selling food carelessly will result in losses; to combat this.

Homemade Snacks Business, Small Capital, Big Profits
Homemade Snacks Business, Small Capital, Big Profits

Pick snacks that are viral and well-liked by many people. Here are some popular store-bought homemade snacks.

1. Pinch Cake Snacks

Kue Cubit, the first modern home-made snack, is a popular snack for schoolchildren. Kue Cubit is manufactured from the key components of wheat, eggs, and milk, making Cubit cakes a home-made snack that is simple to make and affordable. Meises were used to decorate this dessert.

Anyone who eats this cake will become addicted to it and want to buy it again. For the price of Rp1000 per kue cubit piece.

2. Deep-fried Oreos

The next home-made snack is Fried Oreos. As the name suggests, this cake is formed from Oreos that have been fried by dipping them into a flour mixture to produce a cake packed with Oreos. There are several tastes that may be created, including peanut, cheese, and jam flavors.

If you wish to offer Fried Oreos, you have a potential edge because Oreo cakes are highly known and frequently utilized as components in cake dough.

This snack has become a popular snack with a well-known brand name and is excellent for home-based snacks with limited capital.

3. Instant Boiled Noodle Snacks

Consuming instant noodles is not uncommon, and it is frequently a home snack for children. Almost every day, individuals consume instant noodles as a substitute for rice and side dishes, especially if they live in boarding houses, where instant noodles become their diet.

Make a little store in your house to sell quick cooked noodles. You may buy instant noodles and sell them for a modest investment.

To attract consumers, please prepare a variety of quick noodles, such as fried noodles and soto noodles, and supplement with boiled eggs and peanuts.

Workers and schoolchildren frequently purchase this cuisine since homemade snacks are simple and filling.

4. Snacks made with sweet potato balls

Bolu Ubi Kopong is an inexpensive home-made snack prepared from sweet potatoes and wheat flour, with a particular blend of spices.

This food is highly appealing due to its round form and savory taste when consumed, hence it has gone viral. If you want to sell all-1000 snacks, you may sell Ubi Kopong Bolu Ubi Kopong.

5. Snack of Potatoes and Hot Dogs

You frequently watch Korean dramas, so of course you’re interested in selling Korean cuisine. Potato Hot Dogs are a popular Korean delicacy that’s going viral among young people, especially drakor fans.

This dish is constructed with sausage and fried potatoes that have been stabbed like a chicken nibble.

You may sell online by setting up social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram and then posting photographs and details of the sale so that people will come to your place to buy Potato Hot Dog treats.

6. Corn Milk Cheese Snacks

According to the name, the famous snack corn milk cheese, also known as Jasuke, is formed from cooked corn, milk, and cheese together in one spot.

Jasuke is a popular snack nowadays and is perfect for home snacking due to its sweet taste. If you wish to sell jasuke, you should do so on the roadway because jasuke is also a wayside meal.

7. Donuts with Sticky Rice

The next modern Korean delicacy, sticky doughnuts, is much sought after as a daily snack by young Indonesians. Keta doughnuts are made from glutinous rice flour, wheat flour, and sugar.

8. Toast for Snacks

Selling toast is a practical schoolchildren’s snack business; all you need to do is deliver a slice of cooked bread and then sprinkle toppings on it to provide the appearance of a unique and tasty dish.

To sell toast, you may start at home using kitchen items and later sell toast online via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Make clients curious by offering a variety of toast varieties, such as cheese and chocolate toast.

9. Snacks with Banana Nuggets

Banana Nugget is a snack comprised of egg, wheat flour, and bread flour. The preparation is simple, and the materials are inexpensive; simply cook fried bananas and serve with the flour mixture and meises as a compliment.

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Frequently found at markets at low costs and perfect for home snacking. Please create a recipe for banana nuggets and turn it into a popular snack that many people enjoy. Banana nuggets come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, melting, and frozen varieties.

10. Snack Chips

Selling chips is a famous food and snack company that never runs out of consumers. There are numerous sorts of chips on the market, including cassava chips, banana chips, and veggie chips.

You may create the chips you want near your home and sell them at a reasonable price. The chip industry is highly promising because it is a favorite snack for people of all ages.

You just sell at home using common chip components such as bananas and sweet potatoes. Don’t forget to offer chip packing and set the pricing.

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