10 Promising and Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses

Ngopisantuy.com – Promising and Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses Ornamental fish is currently a lucrative home business.

You may start an ornamental fish company with little money and make a lot of money. One of the most common ornamental fish companies is the betta fish business.

Many people can start an ornamental fish company since they simply need a modest aquarium and fish seeds that will be cared for until they grow enormous.

Promising and Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses

Promising and Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses To care for ornamental fish, however, we must be skilled at maintaining fish and feeding them on time.

Promising and Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses
Promising and Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses

Are you interested in the ornamental fish trade? Here are ten different varieties of ornamental fish that may be bought and sold in the market. The business of growing fish may be quite profitable.

1. Betta Flounder

Betta fish are the first ornamental fish company. Many people are interested in this breed of fish since it is inexpensive and easy to care for. Simply purchase a pair of male and female fish and place them in a pond filled with clean water.

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Is betta fish farming a viable business? Betta fish company is highly promising due to the tiny amount of money required. A pair of betta fish may be purchased for Rp. 50 thousand.

You simply feed the two fish while they mate and the female fish gives birth. Please remove the male from the female after the female has given birth to avoid the male consuming the betta fish.

Water fleas, shrimp, blood worms, and gigantic water fleas are used as betta fish food. While the pond appropriate for betta fish is a tarpaulin pond of 100 x 50 cm.

2. Ornamental Arowana Fish

If you want to grow decorative fish with a high selling price, develop arowana fish. This species of fish, which is commonly found in Kalimantan and Papua, has a beautiful color form and a massive fish body, which piques the curiosity of many people who want to keep it at home.

If you have a lot of money, please start an ornamental fish company with arowana fish since the selling price is high and many people like this type of fish, making the arowana fish business highly promising and successful.

You may raise arowana fish, which are less expensive than larger fish. Then, for super arowana fish measuring 15 cm, take care of it until it is large enough to sell for a reasonable price.

Arowana fish aquarium size 160 x 50 cm for the price. Regarding food for arowana fish, insects, frozen shrimp, and tiny frogs that are still alive are recommended.

3. Goldfish from the Chef

Goldfish are a species of freshwater fish that may be used as decorative fish. Coming from China, but well-known in Indonesia. Goldfish are commonly kept by homeowners in their gorgeous aquariums.

The benefit of operating goldfish company is that this species of fish may lay eggs and give birth quickly and grow large without the need for complex maintenance.

4. Cork fish

Many people want to utilize cork fish as decorative fish, making cork fish one of the best-selling ornamental fish businesses on the market. This fish’s magnificence is that it can survive in an aquarium with no oxygen.

This chance is what drives many individuals to turn snakehead fish into a source of income.

5. Molly fish

Molly fish, the next simple and successful decorative fish culture, is a little fish with a variety of colors and forms. Molly fish is native to the continents of Central and South America.

Molly fish prefers mosquito larvae and cooked vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, and peas.

6. Guppies are ornamental fish

Aside from betta and molly fish, which can be kept in small aquariums, it turns out that there are other species of fish that can be kept in small ponds, such as guppy fish, which have colors that are no less lovely than those of other varieties of small decorative fish.

The guppy fish business is highly successful since this fish can create 200 eggs from one egg laying. Imagine how much money you can make if you can take care of the eggs until they hatch into guppy fish that can be sold.

7. Oscar for Ornamental Fish

The decorative fish Oskar has a distinct design and is commonly found in black, red, and white main hues. Many ornamental fish enthusiasts enjoy Oscar fish because it has a yellow line running across its body; thus, Oscar fish is a promising form of decorative fish.

Can Oscar fish survive in the absence of an aerator? Oscar fish still require oxygen, therefore you should just supply an aerator to make Oscar fish feel at ease in an aquarium.

8. Botia (ornamental fish)

Botia fish is distinguished by its yellow and black coloring. This species of fish is commonly kept in aquariums as an ornamental fish that is attractive to the sight in Indonesia.

You may start a botia fish company since it is popular among individuals who collect ornamental fish.

Botia fish prefer spinach, lettuce leaves, shrimp, frozen blood worms, and tubifex worms as food.

9. Neon Tetra Fish

This fish was given the moniker neon tetra for good cause. This fish possesses fish scales that seem glossy, giving it the appearance of a neon hue, hence the name neon tetra fish.

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5 cm in length, with a vibrant blue color variation blended with white and silver. Because this fish like to dwell in groups, customers are drawn to it in huge quantities.

If people arrive in big numbers, you can make a lot of money. The market price for neon tetra fish is roughly $4000 per head.

10. Mickey Mouse Platy Fish

The mickey mouse platy fish shares the same features as the neon tetra in that it like to live in groups and has a compact form, making it an ideal aquarium companion.

This fish is indigenous to North and Central America. It is available for purchase on websites that sell a range of ornamental fish.

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