12 Best AC Remote App for Android Smartphone

Ngopisantuy.com – Best AC Remote App for Android Smartphone, Have you ever had a problem with your AC remote that prevented it from turning on the air conditioner?

Meanwhile, you won’t be able to fix the remote soon. Who would have guessed that your Android smartphone might be a viable alternative for an AC remote?

Yes, your Android device can serve as a replacement for the AC remote feature Best AC Remote App for Android Smartphone.

Best AC Remote App for Android Smartphone

Best AC Remote App for Android SmartphoneYou may use the AC remote application for Android smartphones regardless of the brand of your AC, whether it’s an LG, Panasonic, Samsung, or Sharp AC, as long as it’s a split type.

Best AC Remote App for Android Smartphone

Come ahead, have a look at the following applications in detail.

1. Remote Control Mi

Although Xiaomi Inc. developed this AC remote application, Mi Remote Controller for may be used by other Android smartphones that are not from the Xiaomi vendor.

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This application is compatible with the Huawei Glory 3, Huawei Glory 6, Huawei Glory 6 Plus, Samsung S4, Samsung S5, Samsung S6 / S6 Edge, Samsung Note 3 / 4, and HTC One.

This program, in addition to controlling your air conditioner, can also operate your smart TV. Yes, Mi Remote Controller is a flexible application that can replace the functionality of the TV and AC remotes.

2. AC Universal Remote

The term Universal AC Remote implies that it may be used everywhere. This AC remote application can manage air conditioners from a variety of well-known manufacturers throughout the world, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, and others.

To use it, simply choose the Brand, then toggle the power On/Off switch, and then select Yes if it works and No if it doesn’t.

Then, in the main menu, look for Used Remotes. More than 5 million Android users have downloaded the Universal AC Remote app so far.

3. ASMart IR Remote

Looking for a replacement for your damaged air conditioning remote? Make use of ASmart Remote IR. This is an intelligent application that can function as an air conditioner controller.

This application connects with the air conditioner’s infrared sensor via using infrared on your Android mobile.

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ASmart Remote IR can do more than just switch on the air conditioner. You may, however, use this program to change the temperature of the air conditioner.

This software is compatible with Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, and HTC One.

4. ZaZa Remote Control

ZaZa Remote is one of the programs that may operate your air conditioner using simply an Android smartphone.

Only the ZaZa Remote can be used to regulate the AC temperature, exactly like a standard AC remote. This program, in addition to being an AC remote, may also be used as a remote for TV, DVD, SLR cameras, lights, and even fans. Isn’t it very comprehensive?


Another useful application that may be used as an AC remote is. Is SURE, where this software offers a capability that can be utilized as an AC remote. When you first launch the app, you may pick Air Conditioner to assign SURE as an AC remote.

SURE, in addition to being an AC remote, can also be used as a TV remote, media player, and is even compatible with Amazon Alexa.

This 37MB program might be considered comprehensive and decent. If you want to use it, you may get SURE Universal straight from this page.

6. Intelligent Air Conditioner

This, however, is the official Samsung application, Smart Air Conditioner. This program, however, may only be used with Samsung air conditioners that have WiFi mode, including those produced in 2012 and after.

Smart Air Conditioner, on the other hand, may be installed on non-Samsung Android devices. This intelligent application can regulate the air conditioner without needing to point the smartphone in front of it. In fact, you may operate the air conditioner from another room.

7. Polytron Infrared Remote

Following that comes the Polytron IR Remote application. As the name indicates, this one application may be used to operate a variety of household appliances, all of which are Polytron-branded. AC Polytron is one of the tools that may be managed using this program.

The display of the AC remote in the Polytron IR Remote program is straightforward and simple to use.

The program makes use of infrared to power different household gadgets. You may operate other gadgets, such as DVDs and Polytron TVs, in addition to the air conditioner.

8. Lean Remote – Universal Remote Control

More than 5 million Android users have downloaded Lean Remote’s universal remote. The program may use infrared to control numerous electronic devices at home, including air conditioners.

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Not only can you use AC, but you can also use smart TVs, DVDs, home theaters, and even set-top boxes. This AC remote program has a variety of functions, such as functioning buttons similar to brakes and regular physical ote.

This Universal Remote Control is ideal for downloading on your cellphone if you desire convenience while operating electronic gadgets at home.

9. BroadLink – Universal Television Remote

BroadLink, the developer, provides this single application. BroadLink – Universal TV Remote includes artificial intelligence to better properly link electrical gadgets at home.

BroadLink – Universal TV Remote may control a variety of electrical gadgets in addition to television. Air conditioners, set-top boxes, DVDs, fans, water heaters, and other appliances are among them.

This program, astonishingly, has a basic user interface and controls, making it easier for people to utilize.

10. Remote CT – Smart Remote

Remote CT – Smart Remote is another remote application that may be utilized when your AC remote is damaged at home. The program is compatible with various well-known AC manufacturers, including Samsung and LG.

It appears easy, and using it is similarly straightforward, as does using a remote in general. The Remote CT – Smart Remote may also be used to control other electrical equipment. These include televisions, DSLR cameras, DVD players, and much more.

11. AC Liberty

AC Freedom is another AC remote control software that doesn’t require an infrared sensor. To link the application with the AC, use your mobile to scan the code on the AC.

You may also link the gadget to the AC through WiFi, just as you would with the Smart Air Conditioner. AC Freedom is a lightweight program with a straightforward user interface.

12. App-Remote for Air Conditioners

More than 1 million Android users have utilized our AC remote app. It supports IR Tablets, is compatible with over 20000 AC brand models, must be used with IR enabled android phones, has a beautiful UI, and so on.

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This application’s setup is fairly simple. First, identify your AC model. Second, download the source package, and third, hit the AC Remote Control button.

Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Onida, Haier, Sanyo, LG, Gree, Aux, and more brands are supported by this app.

If the original remote is broken or lost, these 12 top AC remote application from Cari Signal may be used to replace temporary AC remotes.

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