2 Ways to Remove WhatsApp Notifications on PC or Laptop

Ngopisantuy.com2 Ways to Remove WhatsApp Notifications on PC or Laptop, WhatsApp is the most popular chat app. In reality, due of its popularity as an online messaging app, this software is able to outperform other chat apps like Telegram, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and so on.

Despite its focus on communication, WhatsApp is already well-known for its comprehensive features that aid in user communication. These functions include phone and video conversations, text and audio messaging, sending photographs, videos, documents, and even appealing stickers of various types.

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2 Ways to Remove WhatsApp Notifications on PC or Laptop

WhatsApp also has a number of additional functions. One example is using WhatsApp on a desktop PC or laptop instead of a smartphone when bored. It may also be used to communicate while working in front of a laptop or desktop PC.

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There are two variants of WhatsApp: WhasApp through Web, which can be accessed at web.whatsapp.com, and WhasApp Desktop, which must be downloaded via the Microsoft Store for Windows OS or the App Store for MacOS.

Unfortunately, the existence of WhatsApp poses another issue, which is notifications. This is not a problem for individuals who use WhatsApp Web through a browser because notifications are not active directly on WhatsApp Web.

The notice is normally sent using WhatsApp Desktop, which must first be downloaded and installed. This version is highly popular, especially since it already enables phone and video calls.

When you are working, the existence of this message may interfere with your concentration. Furthermore, the notice increases the possibility that it will be read by other persons or employees sitting next to your chair.

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However, if you’re still unsure about how to remove the notice, don’t worry. Because we will then go through how to delete alerts from WhatsApp that has been installed straight on a PC or laptop.

How to Disable WhatsApp Notifications on a Computer or Laptop

Next, we’ll go through how to disable alerts on the Desktop PC version of WhatsApp.

1. How to Disable WhatsApp Notifications on a Computer or Laptop

There are numerous methods for removing WhatsApp notifications on a PC or laptop, one of them is to delete all alerts from a group or someone’s private message. The procedure is as follows:

Launch the WhatsApp program that was previously downloaded and installed on your PC or laptop. Then, on the top right, tap the three dots to reveal more possibilities.

After a window appears, press “Settings” to access more detailed WhatsApp settings.

There are several options in the settings; pick “Notifications” since what will be set are WhatsApp notifications.

You may switch on or off notifications in the notification menu. If you wish to disable WhatsApp notifications, click until a checkbox shows next to “Mute all notifications.”

You have the option of removing the WhatsApp notice after 8 hours, a week, or even always or forever.

If you change your mind, you may customize your alerts to include only sound or notifications that do not include the most recent messages. Indeed, you may disable incoming call alerts as well as any ringtones that may show.

To restore WhatsApp notifications, just repeat the previous steps and uncheck the “Mute all notifications” option, or tap the crossed out bell symbol at the top.

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2. How to Remove WhatsApp Group Chats or Chat Notifications

In addition to removing or muting all alerts, you may also delete or mute only certain persons or groups. You’ll still get alerts except from the person or group you’ve muted. The procedure is as follows:

Of course, the first step is to launch the WhatsApp program on your PC or laptop. Then, identify and select the person or group chat from whom you want to delete alerts.

The secret is to click the little symbol like a small “v” next to the name of an existing contact or group.

Following that, a menu will display, from which you may click “Mute notifications” to eliminate fresh chat alerts from the contact.

In this situation, you may additionally choose how long the notice will be erased or muted for, starting at 8 hours and going up to a week, and even always or forever.

To cancel it, simply follow these instructions and choose “Mute notifications” to restore alerts from a specific person or group.

So, those are the measures you may take to remove WhatsApp notifications from your computer or laptop. With no more WhatsApp alerts coming, you should be able to get your job done without getting distracted by them.

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