3 Things You Must Prepare for Marriage Plans

Ngopisantuy.com 3 Things You Must Prepare for Marriage Plans, Marriage is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. Marriage not only brings two people together, but it also marks the start of a family and a lifelong commitment.

Marriage becomes difficult as a result of this. Marriage necessitates not only physical and mental preparation, but also financial planning.

Three Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding

When arranging a wedding, it is usual for couples to concentrate solely on the specifics of the reception or wedding ceremony.

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What matters more is what occurs after the celebration, i.e., when you and your spouse begin to build the beginning of married life. Make sure you don’t overlook any of the following wedding preparations.

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1. Assess Your Mental Condition

You and your spouse may feel fairly understanding of each other and comprehend each other’s emotional requirements throughout the introductory time. However, when you marry and live together, you may have disagreements that might lead to conflict.

Did you know that in 2021, conflicts will be the leading cause of divorce in the country? According to the findings of the Databoks study, there are 279,205 divorce cases that are driven by dispute or disagreement.

Preparing your mental condition before agreeing to marry is vital so that you can develop strong and healthy communication with your partner and prevent disagreements.

First and foremost, become acquainted with yourself. Understand your mental state, your strengths and limitations, and how you react in times of conflict. Researchers discovered that understanding oneself might aid in comprehending and sympathizing with how others feel.

This might help you better understand your spouse’s personality in the context of marriage. Understanding each other can keep you out of long-term strife.

You may prepare for your mental condition by completing pre-wedding debriefing seminars or reading marriage-related publications, in addition to understanding yourself. According to research, pre-marital education can help reduce divorce rates among young couples.

Make sure you and your partner take the time to study together so that your marriage will offer happiness to both of you.

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2. Discuss Expectations

Before getting married, talk to your partner about your expectations. Both partners should be honest about their expectations following marriage. For instance, with relation to the allocation of family jobs and obligations.

Who is going to be the primary breadwinner? Who is responsible for the domestic household? This may appear straightforward, but if it is not stated, it will produce conflict since what occurs after marriage does not meet expectations.

Expectations for children should be emphasized in addition to the allocation of duties. Do you and your spouse intend to have children within the first year of marriage, or do you want to wait a few years? Or are you thinking about a childless or childfree marriage? You should be able to talk all of this honestly and freely.

Openly discussing expectations with your spouse might help you develop a good communication style. According to Betterhealth, the key to building long-lasting relationships is effective communication. If you desire a long-lasting marriage, encourage your partner to talk and debate each other’s wishes. You’ll be able to adjust to each other’s expectations and wishes this way.

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3. Make a financial plan to realize your dream wedding

In addition to a sound mental state and mutual openness, the financial component must be taken into account. According to Statista survey data from 2021, financial concerns are the second leading reason of divorce in Indonesia.

It is critical to discuss each other’s financial situation before to forming financial plans or financial planning. You must be honest with your spouse about your financial situation and inform him or her whether you presently have economic duties, such as paying for your parents’, siblings’, or siblings’ living expenses.

If this trend continues after the wedding, you and your spouse will most likely be the sandwich generation, shouldering a double financial load. This must be expressed appropriately in order to avoid future household strife.

This type of financial dispute may be prevented with careful planning. A easy approach to begin developing a financial plan, according to financial experts, is to split it into three categories of financial objectives: short-term financial goals (short-term financial goals), mid-term financial goals (medium-term financial goals), and long-term financial goals. financial objectives (long-term financial goals).

Short-term financial objectives connected to anything you perform on a regular basis or can accomplish in less than three years. Paying bills and saving for holidays are two examples.

Medium-term financial objectives, on the other hand, require longer, ranging from 3 to 10 years. Saving for a down payment on a house, establishing a company, furthering your education, or purchasing a personal automobile are some examples.

Last but not least, long-term financial objectives are critical. This financial objective will take more than ten years to accomplish. You and your partner can establish this financial objective together to safeguard future family wellbeing. Long-term financial objectives might include things like acquiring a home or saving for retirement.

When you and your spouse get married, Manulife Indonesia offers insurance that can help you accomplish your mid-term or long-term financial objectives. MiAssurance Protection Plan (MiACTION), for example, is one of Manulife’s exceptional products that provides three major benefits to you and your family.

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It is possible to infer that marriage requires preparation. However, by discussing the dangers of home problems with your relationship, you and your partner may be smarter in dealing with them. No one can guarantee your and your partner’s future, but the only way to forecast it is to start planning now.

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