4 Android Data Backup Applications So You Don’t Lose Personal Data

Ngopisantuy.com – Android Data Backup Applications So You Don’t Lose Personal DataLooking for an app to backup personal data on an Android phone, such as images, music, documents, or really critical contacts?

It’s ideal if you’re seeking for a backup program; in this post, I’ll go through some options that you may test. And, of course, you can get the Android data backup software for free.

Before we proceed, have you ever performed a backup and restore of data on your Android smartphone? If not, picture what would happen if your smartphone suddenly broke down.

Android Data Backup Applications So You Don’t Lose Personal Data

When you use your smartphone, you will, of course, update the data. For example, if you make a new acquaintance, you will keep their contacts on your smartphone.

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And so on, there will be your new personal data; but, if you do not do a backup, it is possible that crucial data on your smartphone will be lost. When the smartphone develops an issue that necessitates a re-flash.

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In addition to the issues mentioned above, employing this data backup program eliminates the need to relocate when switching handsets.

Simply install a comparable program and log in with your account information. The program will then execute and send personal information.

The programs listed below can help you safeguard your personal data. Please select the one that you believe is most suited to your requirements.

1. CM backup is an Android data backup application.

This program is available for free on Google Play, and in addition to being free, it gives 5 Gigabytes of cloud storage for each registered account.

Advantages of CM backup

Personal data like as contacts, messages (MMS, hangouts, SMS), call logs, and images may be backed up and restored. Furthermore, it can backup and restore settings from the smartphone.

Such as previously visited web browsers (bookmarks), previously set alarms and calendars, and other backups. Do you want to test it? go to download and search for further capabilities

2. Google Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is also not lacking in terms of functionality. This program works in conjunction with other backup apps. They can accommodate your personal data up to 1 Gigabyte for free, but if you believe it is insufficient, you can enhance the capacity up to 10 Gigabyte by purchasing it.

Furthermore, this program features an easy-to-use interface, so those of you who don’t want to be difficult can use this data backup tool.

Pay attention to the image above to see what features you can backup and restore using this program; you can backup and restore data in the form of images, videos, and music.

Other crucial personal data on cellphones include messages, contacts, and personal documents. With a storage capacity of 1 Gigabyte.

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It may be a comfort to safeguard your personal data, whether for free or not. Do you want to give it a shot? It is available for free download from Google Play.

3. Simple backup and restoration

If the aforesaid program is insufficient, you might use the Easy Backup & Restore application. Applications that provide the same function of protecting your personal data but have distinctly different features. This program allows you to interface with third-party cloud stores.

As an example, consider Google Drive (Also read: Google Drive, Safe Solution for Storing Data). Easy Backup & Recover may also backup and restore personal data such as messages, contacts, and other multimedia documents.

It can also protect programs that you have installed. Another advantage is that this program is free and available on Google Play.

That is a personal data backup and restoration program that you may use to safeguard essential data on your smartphone.

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It’s always a good idea to make a backup before something horrible happens. Good luck, and perhaps this post on 3 Android Data Backup Apps to Avoid Losing Personal Data was helpful.

4. Google Backup

Google Backup is a program that is installed on all Android smartphones. This application saves your WiFi password, app settings, and app data. Simply visit the Settings menu and pick the Backup & Reset option to utilize it.

The data that has been backed up will thereafter be preserved in your Google account. To take benefit of Google Backup’s features, you must have Gmail and sync your phone to a Gmail account. Following that, Google Backup will automatically backup all of your phone’s data.

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