5 The Best Always on Display Apps on Android Phones

Ngopisantuy.com – The Best Always on Display Apps on Android Phones, Smartphones appear to never be separated from human hands as human activities get more dense.

As a result, numerous cellphone makers continue to create features so that smartphones may make it simpler for consumers to operate even while they are busy. One of them is Samsung, which is still working on the Always On Display feature for its newest smartphone range.

The availability of the Always On Display (AOD) function on Samsung handsets is supposed to eliminate the need for users to check the smartphone’s conditions.

The Best Always on Display Apps on Android Phones

The Best Always on Display Apps on Android Phones This is because there are many information indications in this function, such as message notification information, calendar and clock information, and battery status.

The Best Always on Display Apps on Android Phones

Even if the smartphone is switched off and locked, this function will remain visible on the screen.

Always-On Display Mode

Samsung created the AOD function for usage on AMOLED, POLED, OLED, and Super AMOLED Plus screen panels.

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In essence, this function is only available on OLED panels. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see this function on phones with IPS screens, TN TFT, or PLS TFT. If you have any questions concerning this sort of screen, please read the page “Types of Screens on Smartphones.”

Surprisingly, this feature is no longer exclusive to Samsung phones. Several smartphone makers have also begun to produce the greatest Always on Display functionality or application.

The Always On Display application essentially includes a capability that allows smartphone users to access the most recent information from the screen without having to switch on the smartphone.

Always on Show

It’s no surprise that many users enable this option because it is thought to conserve battery life by eliminating the need to switch on the phone. Its purpose is similar to that of the notification LED, although it is more comprehensive.

Unfortunately, with the advancement of smartphone screen technology, both in terms of size and technology, the Always On Display application has shown to be a battery drain.

This is due to the fact that AOD operates in the background. AOD works continually since the functionality is enabled. As a result, this function causes the battery to discharge faster.

Always On Display’s History

Some smartphone users nowadays may believe that Samsung was the first company to create this essential application.

However, Nokia is the first manufacturer to introduce the Always On Display application. In 2009, the Nokia N86 series included this capability. Later, in 2013, this capability was added to the Nokia Lumia series.

Several manufacturers, including Huawei, Motorola, LG, Google Pixel, and Samsung, have included Always on Display software on their Android devices since 2017.

Apps That Always Display

As previously said, numerous manufacturers have begun to build their own Always on Display apps. Several application developers are also following suit in order to produce AOD applications that may be utilized on multiple devices with varying capabilities.

1. AMOLED is always on

This excellent Always on Display app is ideal for those of you who wish to quickly and conveniently access all alerts on your phone.

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This program, which is available for smartphones and tablets, displays the weather, notes, time, and music on a dead phone screen.

As a consequence, you may simply access the information on your smartphone whenever and wherever you go.

This program also provides a diverse range of AOD models, ensuring that the appearance is never monotonous.

You will also have access to a variety of features for turning on the phone screen, such as swiping the screen, double tapping the screen, and so on.

Not to mention the night mode and power saving mode. This power-saving mode will allow the program to run more efficiently in order to display various information without draining the phone’s battery.

As if that weren’t enough, the Always on Display app has a pocket mode. This setting disables the program and prevents it from functioning when the phone is placed in a shirt or pants pocket. Most significantly, you can get this software for free from the Google Play Store.


Every smartphone, regardless of manufacturer or screen size, should now include an Always on Display application.

Fortunately, a software called AOA: ALWAYS ON DISPLAY offers a lot of fascinating features that can be utilized on a variety of devices, including those with low specs.

This application’s creators are attempting to deliver programs that do not overburden the smartphone’s RAM. However, the information presented, such as message alerts, weather, battery status, and others, is still pretty detailed and clear.

Even with the greatest Always on Display application, you can respond to incoming messages right away. To avoid boredom, there are a variety of distinctive and entertaining themes that you may choose.

3. AMOLED wallpapers with Always On Display

The very best The Always on Display program then attempts to prevent smartphone users from wasting time monitoring alerts on their device.

As a result, the developer provides a clear program display and concentrates on the notification display, battery, and memo.

The application’s appearance is kept as simple as possible while being bright and clear. Users no longer need to touch their phones; they only need to glance at the screen.

This app also features an Always on Display theme comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, and LG G5.

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All of them may be utilized in a variety of smartphones with modest specs. According to the app creator, his apps are still power efficient. In addition, the developer included a screen brightness adjustment mode and AOD display brightness.

This app, unlike other Always on Display apps, has edge illumination. For incoming alerts, this function shows a light effect on the screen’s edge.

This will undoubtedly improve your ability to view fresh alerts on your smartphone. You may get the app here.

4. Always on the cutting edge – not only LED

When you’re at work, you frequently leave your smartphone on the table, in your jeans pocket, or anywhere else.

As a result, alerts received by the smartphone cannot be easily monitored. You’ll need an Always on Display application capable of capturing your attention for this.

The Always On Edge application appears as an Always On Display application with extra light effects on the smartphone’s edge.

As a result, in addition to displaying basic information such as message notifications, weather, battery, and notes, this software will also display a light effect when a notification is received.

This light effect may be adjusted, which is pretty distinct. It may appear at the top of the screen, the border of the screen, or the bottom of the screen, for example.

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You may also change the light effects, colors, and letters that will be displayed on the screen The Best Always on Display Apps on Android Phones.

5. Battery Companion: True Amps

The next greatest Always On Display application differs somewhat from the previous one. This AOD application will only be active while your smartphone is charging.

When the cellphone is plugged in, an animation of the battery charging appears, along with information regarding messages, music, time, and other things.

Applications are quite handy for those of you who are unable to detach yourself from your smartphone while it is charging. When your cellphone is fully charged, you no longer need to open it.

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