7 The Best and Current Live Broadcast Application on Android

Ngopisantuy.com 7 The Best and Current Live Broadcast Application on Android, Almost everyone nowadays owns and utilizes a smartphone or smart phone. Smartphones are extremely useful for all users, allowing them to access the internet, view movies online, and even perform live broadcasts.

Live broadcasting means broadcasting straight from the scene at that moment. This is usually done by artists that perform live broadcasts of their daily life. However, you don’t have to be an artist to perform a live broadcast.

Because if you have a smartphone, you can perform live broadcasts just like artists. You may immediately show your followers what you are doing. Carisignal outlines the greatest Live Broadcast application that you may use in this article.

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7 The Best and Current Live Broadcast Application on Android

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1. Twitter

Who hasn’t heard of this program for sharing photographs and videos? Almost everyone has an Instagram account where they may submit current images as well as their own photo creations. However, in addition to the ability to submit photographs and videos, Instagram has completed its functionality with the inclusion of Video Live Streaming.

Live on Instagram is quite popular among many sorts of Instagram users, particularly among young people nowadays. You may produce videos right away and have them seen by your following. Furthermore, when you are Live Streaming Video, your followers may like and comment.

Do you want to test one of the top live broadcast apps on this one? Install the Instagram app by clicking here.

2. Facebook

Returning to the well-known social networking program in Indonesia, Facebook. Not to be outdone by Instagram, Facebook is a social networking program that is used to communicate, post images and videos. To change this status, add the Facebook Live function to the application.

Last year, Facebook Live was released in the United States for iOS and Android apps. However, Facebook Live is presently available to all Facebook users. Facebook users frequently utilize this function to perform Live Broadcasts.

It’s incredibly simple to use; simply hit the status button, just as you would on Facebook, and then press the “live video” sign. After that, click “Go Live.” However, you may first create a description for your live streaming video.

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3. Google Video

This one application is also well-known among smartphone users, particularly those who enjoy watching videos on YouTube. YouTube Live Streaming has also been added to the YouTube app’s functionality.

YouTube Live Streaming is only available on a PC or computer device. You must to have a YouTube account before you can perform YouTube Live Streaming. You may live stream after you have an account.

You may arrange when you will live broadcast using this YouTube Live Streaming function. You may also specify who can view your live feed. You may also embed advertisements in your live stream to earn extra money. Do you want to test one of the top live streaming apps?


One of the most popular online meeting applications is ZOOM. People from various walks of life, including students and business owners, can utilize this program. ZOOM has been downloaded millions of times on the Play Store due to its ease of use and appropriate functionality.

ZOOM is completely free to use. Users can invite up to 100 persons from the audience to their online meeting. This program also has the capability of exchanging messages, files, photographs, links, and so on.

5. Skype for Business

Skype is one of the world’s most popular internet-based communication applications. By utilizing the Skype Meeting Broadcast function included in the Skype for Business edition, Skype may be a trustworthy communication solution for business users in addition to personal usage.

You may organize, produce, and broadcast meetings or events to an online audience of up to 10,000 people with Skype Meeting Broadcast. So, if you have a wide audience and need to broadcast anything significant about your company, Skype Meeting Broadcast can assist.

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6. TikTok LIVE

TikTok is a popular service for sharing short videos. TikTok offers a number of video editing tools and features that have helped it become famous throughout the world. TikTok also offers a live broadcast function called TikTok LIVE.

TikTok LIVE enables users and artists to communicate in real time. This feature, however, has an age restriction. Users 16 and above can launch LIVE, while users 18 and up can give and receive gifts while doing LIVE.

7. Bigo Live

Bigo Live is another application that provides live broadcasting. This is a live streaming video application with an unusual presenter. Bigo Live was just established in 2016, but it has quickly become one of the greatest live broadcast applications, garnering a lot of good feedback from internet users.

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