Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms

Ngopisantuy.comAdvantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms, In keeping with my last essay, which described how to improve a website’s SEO, I want to discuss WordPress’ advantages over other blogging systems like Blogspot, Weebly, Jigsy, and others in this one. Oh, yes, the benefits of for self-hosting rather than, which is free, lol.

Perhaps because they are free, many bloggers pick Blogspot or to create their blogs. If you merely want to blog, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

But in my view, using the script with your own hosting would be much more lucrative if you want to appear more professional and easier to change. Without further ado, the benefits of WordPress over competing platforms are as follows:

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Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms

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Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms

1. There are a variety of themes and templates.

One extremely crucial element is the themes or template of a website. The design or layout of the web is the first thing people notice when they land on a page on your website. Visitors may feel drawn to remain on your website if the themes are straightforward and appealing.

WordPress offers an infinite selection of themes, and you are free to use as many of the free themes as you choose. However, if you want to utilize a more customized or one-of-a-kind theme, you may tweak a free theme or purchase a theme that is appropriate for your purposes.

2. The Plugins Facility

You may add certain plugins to a WordPress blog to expand its functionality. WordPress has several different plugin kinds, and each one serves a different purpose. One of them is the All In One SEO Pack plugin, which works to improve the search engine optimization of your website.

You may utilize a variety of plugins for your WordPress website or blog depending on the features you want. Simply install and activate the plugins to add them to your WordPress website; no special knowledge is required. While some plugins need to be configured, the majority of WordPress plugins are simple to set up.

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3. permalink structures that are search engine friendly

A permalink structure that is simple for search engines to interpret is what is meant by it being “friendly” with them. To make each of our articles readily accessible by search engines and, of course, to improve the SEO of a site, we may adjust the permalink structure in WordPress to match the title of the post that we publish.

4. Support for Widgets

This feature allows us to place module blocks on our WordPress blog’s sidebar or footer. Drag and drop functionality makes it simple to add modules to the sidebar and arrange widgets anyway you like.

5. HTML code is editable

We are unable to alter the present html code on, however allows you to do so, provided you have some coding knowledge, of course. Even if you’re not an expert, knowing html is necessary for most WordPress themes so that your blog or website looks exactly as you want it to.

6. Integrated link administration

Most weblogs provide links or connections to other sites that are suggested. Links to other websites may be installed and managed with ease on a WordPress site.

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7. Can quickly generate pages

I once created a blog on blogspot, but up till I published this article, I wasn’t able to create a unique page lol. There must be a technique to construct a custom page on blogger, however it is undoubtedly more simpler to do it on WordPress.

8. WordPress has anti-spam features

One of the issues that I frequently bother is spammers. Many spammers create phony comments using specialized software so that their websites’ links appear on the comments page.

I’m not sure what you think, but I believe that having no comments is preferable to having spam comments on my posts.

WordPress also offers free plugins called Akismet to combat these spammers. These plugins serve the purpose of collecting all spam comments submitted to our blog. The usage of Akismet plugins requires registration and is extremely simple to do.


WordPress also has a tagging feature that tries to let us insert tags with keywords associated with the published content. These tags will undoubtedly improve our site’s SEO and assist search engines better understand your website.

10. Numerous Writers

One of the features of WordPress that I particularly appreciate is this. Without having to worry about our website’s security, we can quickly and realistically add writers to WordPress blogs. As observed on, there are presently 3 contributors contributing to this site under various user identities. The blog is not under tapi’s authority, but two more authors may log in and publish content.

11. Can prevent visitors from a certain IP

After discovering visitors from those IPs sending SPAM through the comments page, I once blacklisted a few of them. This is another benefit of using; in addition to being able to restrict IP spammers from accessing our site in the future, we can also store spam comments in the spam box.

12. Website visitors are visible

You must be inquisitive about the origins of your website’s visitors. One method of gathering information about our site visitors is to install Google Analytics. To do this, you must first sign up for Google Analytics and then paste the Google Analytics script into your WordPress blog.

However, there are plugins that can assist in determining where our website visitors are coming from. Who’s Online is a plugin that we may use to see who and where our website visitors are coming from.

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