Androbuntu Site Review: Get the Latest Technology Info Androbuntu Site Review: Get the Latest Technology Info, Technology’s quick progress is capable of changing behavior and lifestyle in the millennial period, as it is today. Almost every aspect of life is fast changing.

If the repertory of information about technology is not expanded, some Indonesians will undoubtedly be uneducated and progressively left behind in competition with other nations in the next years.

Every year, we witness the introduction of new technologies, even as earlier technologies continue to be employed. Android Pie was introduced this year, after users had completed enjoying Android Oreo features on their devices.

Androbuntu Site Review: Get the Latest Technology Info

Even if millions of Indonesians are still using Windows 7 on their computers, Windows 10 has enlivened the computing world.

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People are still dissatisfied with the FIFA 2017 game, but FIFA 2018 has received an upgrade. The internet and computer technology (both software and hardware) are the two fastest expanding technologies.

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Furthermore, computers and the internet might be considered technologies that generate technology. These two domains of technology.

Have the potential to drastically alter human existence in a short period of time. Furthermore, computing is becoming increasingly mobile thanks to cellphones.

The Importance of Information Technology in the Digital Age

Apart from the influence of technical advancements on a variety of sectors, there are a number of intriguing occurrences that should be studied.

First, according to WeAreSocial (a website that publishes global data), there are 4.021 billion internet users worldwide, which implies that more than half of the world’s population has accessed the internet.

Meanwhile, according to the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII), 143 million individuals were linked to the internet in 2017 (about half of Indonesia’s total population of 262 million).

Second, the widespread usage of the internet demonstrates that digital material is becoming increasingly popular among the general population.

According to the Nielsen Consumer Media View study, internet penetration has risen to third place (44%) after television (96%) and outdoor media (53%), surpassing radio (37%), newspapers (7%), and other forms of media. Throughout 2017, tabloids and magazines (3%) dominated the media sector.

Third, internet technology is used for more than just social media and email; it is also used for digital businesses (such as start-ups, online stores, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and so on), government services based.

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On internet-integrated databases (e.g., e-KTP, online SPPT services, and so on), banking services, and retail business (eg e-money and e-cash Bank Mandiri, Indomaret Cash Withdrawal etc.). A number of institutions and universities have used the internet.

To open new student enrollments and to collect tuition money. Another statistic is that there were over 3.6 million Android applications accessible on the Playstore till March 2018, including applications created by developers for the services indicated above.

1. Information Technology Encourages Millennials to Be More Quality and Insightful

Information technology has several advantages, particularly for people who do not wish to be undermined by change.

At the very least, by learning about computers, gadgets, and the internet, a person may upgrade the Windows 7 operating system on his laptop, install an Android emulator to play PUBG Mobile on a Windows laptop, and much more.

Above all, learning technological information allows a person to become a better person and more qualified. We no longer have to annoy other people, nor do we have to trouble and feel uncomfortable, much alone panicked.

When confronted with a smartphone that hangs because most of the programs are installed as an example Even better, we can provide information to others in need.

2. Knowledge in technology helps job applicants get jobs faster.

Computers and the Internet have had a significant impact on how government agencies serve the public. As a result, a lot of government organizations hire ASN (previously civil servants).

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With science and technological backgrounds. Non-government/private enterprises benefit from scientific and technological advances as well.

Furthermore, with their smartphone and understanding of science and technology, job seekers may easily obtain job vacancy information via websites or job vacancy apps.

It has become a worldwide formula; whomever obtains the knowledge first has a better chance of winning the competition. This is also true in the workplace.

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