Best Android Apps To Send Viruses 2022 Best Android Apps To Send Viruses 2022, In our opinion, the answer is no, except for programs built by hackers to transfer viruses or malware to the target smartphone for profit.

Such as automatically showing adverts to stealing personal data such as images, videos, to telephone calls and SMS. The program is unquestionably hazardous and will only cause harm to others.

Developing an Android application to propagate viruses needs specialized knowledge. Of course, it will be tough for regular folks to make it.

List Of Android Apps For Sending Virus

Furthermore, creating an application necessitates coding skills in order for the program to execute flawlessly on the target device.

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If you don’t have this functionality and want an Android app to deliver viruses, please try one of the following apps.

1. Virus Maker Joke

Actually, there is one program that allows you to distribute infections to other devices. However, the application is only a joke or for entertainment purposes. Well, the app’s name is Virus Maker hoax. The program is available for free download on the Google Play Store.

The Virus Maker Prank program is only for entertainment purposes. Buddy must first download and install the program on the Android phone of the incarcerated pal.

Those who are unaware will be terrified because all of the buttons will stop working and the smartphone screen will display information indicating that the telephone has a virus.

Surprisingly, the Viral Maker Prank program provides a setting for virus infection time. You can choose from a few seconds and several hours.

When the cellphone displays a virus, there is also a text size choice. With these characteristics, the Android application for sending this infection is obviously ideal for pranking friends’ telephones.

How to Apply :

Those who want to test out the Android application to send the virus can do so by following the instructions below.

  • First, get the Virus Maker Prank app from the Google Play Store via the link above.
  • Then launch the downloaded program.
  • We just specify the time when the virus will be presented after entering.
  • Though you want to prank your pals, you may set the time to a few hours later, making it appear as if your phone has a virus.
  • Then we can set the Countdown Time, which will show the time if the cellphone is broken.
  • After you’ve configured all of the options, click the “Run Virus” button.
  • Following that, a message will appear indicating when the infection will be revealed and how to halt the trend. Then we just press the “Start” button.
  • When the “Start” button is pressed, the program will immediately shut.

According to the time, the program is still alive and will restart to display a message that the telephone has a virus.

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If we set the timer for two hours, the virus will appear two hours later. What’s unique about this program is that it disables the navigation buttons, making people who are unfamiliar puzzled.

The program is still active when the power button is touched. Then how to deactivate it? Shake the smartphone and the application will end immediately.

2. Fake Virus

In addition to the above-mentioned Android application for virus transmission, you should attempt another. “Fake Virus” is the name of the program.

The False Virus program, as the name suggests, is a fake virus application or a prank. You may use it to prank your friend’s smartphone, causing them to fear and infecting their phone with a virus.

The Fake Virus program operates in the same manner as the Virus Maker Prank. After we set the time the virus will be shown, the program will later display a notification that the cellphone has a virus.

Unfortunately, there is no option to change the font size or the type of infection presented. Because Fake Infection only allows you to specify when the virus will be displayed.

3. How to Apply

If you want to test out the Fake Virus app, you can get it from the Google Play Store. To send the message, we propose installing the Android application.

Virus to friends’ or relatives’ handsets who are unaware of the program. Because it is purely for entertainment purposes, this application will not harm the smartphone.

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Even though it’s a joke, the message displayed appears to be genuine. The reason for this is because all data on the smartphone kind, date, and chipset type will be destroyed.

Those who don’t know will be in a state of terror. Furthermore, even if you push the power button, the navigation button will turn off and the infection will still be shown.

To get rid of it, simply shake the smartphone and it will switch off automatically. That concludes the application’s details.

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