Best Securities for Beginners

Ngopisantuy.comBest Securities for Beginners, Who thinks investing is tough and only a few individuals can do it? Unlike in the past, investing is no longer a strange concept in today’s world.

Furthermore, technological advancements have made investing easier than previously thought. So, what about you? Have you begun to invest?

Or are you just starting out? That’s fantastic! This time, we’ll go through a list of the finest securities businesses in Indonesia for novices looking to get started in the financial sector. Come on, listen!

Premier Securities of India

Indo Premier Sekuritas is one of Indonesia’s largest and best private securities businesses, offering capital market investment to clients ranging from individuals to corporations.

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Before changing its name to PT Indo Premier Sekuritas in 2017, the securities firm had been known as PT Indo Premier Securities from 2002.

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According to Bloomberg data, Indo Premier Sekuritas—also known as IndoPremier—became the nation’s securities that is in the top position in.

The competition in the bond market in the first half of 2019 with transaction volume reaching Rp. second in stock trading with a transaction volume of Rp1.9 trillion (mastering 12.9 percent market share) as of August 31, 2019.

When it comes to business, Indo Premier Securities is involved in securities brokerage, securities underwriting, and investment management.

The company is then separated into two types of customers: retail and institutional. Until date, IndoPremier has become one of the securities firms with a significant presence in these two areas.

The Benefits of Indo Premier Sekuritas

If you are a newbie seeking for the top securities firm in Indonesia for 2020 and 2021, Indo Premier Sekuritas is the ideal choice for you. The benefits are as follows:

1. The pricing is really reasonable.

Still have questions regarding capital? You may start an account at Indo Premier with as little as IDR 100,000. As a result, you may raise initial funds without having to dig deep into your wallet before entering the stock market.

2. RDI (Investor Fund Account) at various major and reputable banks

An RDI, or Investor Fund Account, is a bank account created in an investor’s name and used to ease purchasing and selling transactions on the capital market.

The goal of RDI is just for stock trading operations and cannot be utilized for personal gain. BCA, Mandiri, and CIMB Niaga banks provide RDI. These three banks are huge and well-known in Indonesia, making transactions easy for clients.

3. Sharia and conventional items are available.

If you wish to invest in accordance with Islamic law, IndoPremier offers tools that make it easy to select sharia choices (IPOT Syariah). You can also select from a variety of standard goods.

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4. Has multiple branches across Indonesia

Indo Premier Sekuritas not only works in Jakarta, but also has branches in other major cities like as Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Balikpapan, and Batam.

5. There is no minimum deposit.

If you wish to create a stock account with IndoPremier, there are no minimum capital requirements. Customers are not needed to deposit dollars in order to open an account.

If you later decide to undertake a share purchase transaction, the new client will be required to deposit the purchase price of the share transaction. This policy makes it easier for regular investors to access the capital market.

6. The following deposit has no minimum transfer amount.

Concerned about growing investment costs? Relax, since Indo Premier Sekuritas waives the minimum transfer requirement for the next deposit.

7. There are no monthly or annual account maintenance costs.

Additional expenditures are frequently a source of concern since they lead investments to consume a large amount of cash and are unanticipated from the outset.

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However, you need not be concerned because IndoPremier does not charge monthly or annual fees for account maintenance.

8. There is real-time market information available.

Who doesn’t desire instant access to information? IndoPremier meets this requirement by providing market information in real time. This optional function is available for Rp. 33,000 and is optional for investors.

Furthermore, interest rates might pose a concern. It should be remembered that bond prices are governed by the trend of inversely associated interest rate fluctuations. Bond prices will decline if interest rates rise. Bond prices, on the other hand, will climb if interest rates decline.

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