Bitcoin Price Breaks Rp944 Million Per Piece

Ngopisantuy.comBitcoin Price Breaks Rp944 Million Per Piece!, In the recent week, you might say that owners of digital assets, particularly Bitcoin, have been quite delighted.

Without a doubt, because the cryptocurrency with the biggest capitalization was able to breach the highest value in history. The price of Bitcoin surpassed US $ 65,103 (roughly Rp920 million) per chip on Thursday (21/10) afternoon!

When compared to the previous day, this afternoon’s performance was slightly lower. Not joking, on Wednesday (20/10), Bitcoin (BTC) shattered the record by reaching US $ 67,016 (roughly RP944 million) per chip.

Bitcoin Price Breaks Rp944 Million Per Piece

What BTC attained in the third week of October was certainly the greatest in history, even exceeding the April 14, 2021 accomplishment of US $ 64,895 per business coin.

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Of course, this very excellent Bitcoin price appears to have erased any public question that BTC has ran out of reserves.

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Many cryptocurrencies are significantly more complicated, secure, and high-quality than the present Bitcoin blockchain technology. A number of cryptocurrencies were originally claimed to be capable of dethroning the coin from its kingdom.

Bitcoin Price Will Break Rp1 Billion Slowly But Surely?

Bitcoin price movements that continue to increase have been observed from the beginning of October 2021. At the time, reports of the Soros-controlled hedge fund beginning to trust BTC boosted the cryptocurrency’s momentum even more.

Bitcoin has finally broken beyond the $50,000 barrier for the first time in four weeks. Even at the end of September – early October yesterday, Bitcoin saw a 35% growth over the previous week. Because of this circumstance, has been making projections since September 2021, as public interest in BTC investing grows.

Unlike, Ruud Feltkamp, CEO of the cloud-based automated crypto trading bot Cryptohopper, believes the Bitcoin price increase is a usual occurrence. “I’ve been saying throughout the summer that a new Bitcoin high is predicted in October 2021.”

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“So, what is the cause of Bitcoin’s fresh surge at this time?” I believe it is Because of the current business cycle, the emotional component is quite crucial. So if Bitcoin does well this month, it will very probably be a self-fulfilling prophesy,” Feltkamp said.

Bitcoin’s value soars when the US dollar falls precisely.

When the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, the US dollar falls. The official currency of the United States was even reported to have fallen drastically on Thursday (21/10) this morning, as risk sentiment improved. Furthermore, investors appear to have chosen to focus on increasing commodity prices, because global central banks are discussing efforts to raise interest rates.

According to Suara, the US dollar index, which compares the greenback to six other major currencies, has dropped. The value fell by 0.24% to 93.57. The same drop occurred on Tuesday (19/10). While the US dollar fell for the first time this week, Bitcoin reached $67,017 as Bitcoin futures ETFs began trading in the United States.

In response to the US dollar crisis, ING, as a forex (foreign exchange) strategist, stated that the depreciation of one of the world’s strongest currencies was due to a mix of market factors. From closing dollar long positions to increased inflationary caution, it appears that the US dollar lacks a catalyst to halt the drop.

Seeing what Bitcoin has acquired reinforces the belief that this cryptocurrency is actually quite durable. Despite the fact that there are several impediments,

Many people, including the US government, believe that Bitcoin’s strength will not diminish. As a former CIA operative, Edward Snowden has stated similar sentiments.

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Not only does Snowden praise Bitcoin’s durability, but he also feels that cryptocurrencies have a promising future. Snowden’s viewpoint appears to be amplified in 2020.

Whereas in March, the crypto market and numerous investments appeared to collide. While many people believe that Bitcoin’s price would fall by up to 50%, Snowden has no effect.

“Despite multiple interwoven attempts to undermine public knowledge and support for cryptocurrencies, the truth is that it has now risen tenfold,” Snowden tweeted.

For your knowledge, it was stated in March 2020 that BTC had really plummeted to US $ 3,800 per chip at the moment. But today, in the third week of October 2021, Bitcoin is set to surpass the US$65 thousand per chip mark.

Aside from the United States, which appears to be still not entirely supportive of cryptocurrencies, one of the world’s economic superpowers, China, also restricts the existence of BTC.

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