Business Domain How to Choose a Name? Business Domain, How to Choose a Name? What is a business domain? What comes to mind when you hear the words “You don’t know it, you don’t love it”? Of course, this phrase is well-known.

In a similar vein, when someone uses his name to introduce himself, others will remember it. A brand that distinguishes one individual from others is created from that name. Likewise with the company you have started or will launch!

Of course, introducing your business to your target market is the first step in expanding it. So how do you introduce it if your company doesn’t yet have a name?

So, How Significant Is Business Domain?

How will your current and future clients recall your company? The name really plays a catastrophic role in this situation. For instance,

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No matter the brand, mineral water is referred to as “Aqua” by the typical Javan. See? Even though there are numerous companies that provide identical goods, if a brand has become ingrained in consumers’ thoughts, they will always search for it when they need the thing you are selling!

Businesses in the digital age nowadays clearly rely largely on online marketing. Online media can, of course, be employed as a guaranteed way to promote products and market them given the internet’s rapid expansion.

A business website plays an equally significant part to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook Ads, and others. A business website is just like an actual, physical store in that:

Customers will adore your online business just as they will any store with a memorable name! Create a distinctive website for your clients and potential clients, including those who are just learning about your company!

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The importance of the business domain becomes clear from here. You need a domain before you can build a website. A formed business name can be used to create a domain.

Use This Domain Selection Strategy!

So, certainly, be careful while picking a company name! Because selecting a name for your company and a domain might be equally challenging as selecting a name for your child.

1. What is the focus of your business?

Have you long desired starting a business? Prepare your topic of study or business niche first, though. What does the fashion industry do? Garment? Floral? Culinary? But if you made it through the first stage, well done!

2. List a few of the domain names you want!

Have you chosen your company name before registering a domain? Once you have a name, you can start building your dream alternative company websites right away!

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Only your company name can be used to build a domain, or you can add a few words after it (e.g.,,, or you can use business keywords that are crucial for SEO (search engine optimization).

3. Perform List!

After coming up with a few dreamy alternate domain names, the next step is… implementation! Analyze each name’s less and more immediately.

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a domain name, including making sure it is simple to type, easy to pronounce, not too long to make it difficult to remember, free of numbers 0 to 9, characters or symbols other than letters (@,#, &, etc.), and, of course, unique, original, and new! Obviously, you shouldn’t copy a neighbor’s domain name!

4. Examine Registered Trademarks!

After going through the challenging process of selecting the ideal domain name, There is still one more step to take! Never overlook the step of researching your potential business domain name on multiple legal trademark websites.

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Don’t let other parts of the world use the same or similar domain name that you have! To check legal trademark checks, you should go to ASEAN TM View, e-Status HKI, WIPO, WIPO Indonesia,, and the Director General of Intellectual Property. Yeah, good luck!

5. Double-check Ricek!

After ensuring that your selected domain name candidate is secure at the legal trademark check step, double-check your business on Google and the Name Checker (KnowEm, NameCheckr, Namechk, and so on).

Why are paid domains used?

In comparison to using a free domain ending,, and so on, you’re better off. instead of purchasing a premium domain! Why?

Free domains are missing important SEO features! You can do SEO more freely if you have a paid domain and hosting. What is the purpose of SEO? SEO is critical for launching your website in search engines and ensuring that it appears on the first page.

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