Cheap Ways to Speed Up WiFi on Android 12 For Smooth Streaming Cheap Ways to Speed Up WiFi on Android 12 For Smooth Streaming, Wifi acceleration Is it absolutely necessary? Slow Wifi connections frequently impede online activity and, as a result.

Create irritation for some individuals. Not occasionally, internet users make a variety of attempts to restore the required WiFi speed.

Different sorts of wifi speeds may now be easily accessed by subscribing to the Indihome WiFi package or via hot spots at modern caf├ęs.

Why is My Internet Connection Slow?

Surfing via WiFi connectivity is also possible on a variety of devices, both PC and mobile. Android cellphones are often used to access the internet.

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However, utilizing Indihome WiFi to surf the internet on Android is not always guaranteed to be comfortable, especially in terms of accessing website pages or playing online games. Even when the signal is strong, the WiFi connection is usually sluggish.

Tips For Increasing Android WiFi Speed

Slow internet on Android devices and other devices can be caused by a variety of factors, including those produced by nature and the device itself.

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To overcome a sluggish Android WiFi network, here is a great technique to speed up a slow Android WiFi connection. WiFi Signal Is Weak Even When Close? Try using Speed Test to check your WiFi speed on your HP.

When surfing at home, many individuals notice that the WiFi signal is poor, despite being near to the modem. Even when the signal is strong, the WiFi connection is frequently sluggish under various settings.

Check the access speed before taking any step to speed up WiFi.

It is simple to determine the speed of Indihome and WiFi on Android. The secret is to perform a speed test with the WiFi speed test app for Android. You may also use the Speedtest Indihome website or the PT. Telkom Indonesia Connection Test to test your WiFi speed.

1. Use a cellphone that is already compatible with the most recent network technology.

Do you know how quickly your smartphone accesses the data transmission connection? It’s now time to put the following techniques to use to speed up WiFi on your Android.

Begin by inspecting the devices you normally use to visit the web. Are the specifications met? If you look closely, you can see that all mobile handsets, whether Oppo, Xiaomi, or Samsung, ASUS and all sorts of smartphones already support the most recent network technologies by including cutting-edge networking gear.

However, there are situations when consumers would rather have an appealing cellphone with a reasonable price than internal characteristics.

Whereas the HP processor, RAM, and connection devices have a significant impact on the speed and efficiency of smartphone surfing.

Examine your Android’s connectivity; is it compatible with the most recent WiFi technology? Is 3G still available? Check out the Android instructions for converting 3G to 4G devices.

3. Replace Wi-Fi devices in your home with the most recent router.

The next technique to overcome sluggish Indihome WiFi and improve connection speed is to use the most recent WiFi equipment.

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If you have previously used a Wifi modem of type a, b, or g, you should contact Indihome service to replace it with the most recent model, which is type n or ab, which has a faster access speed.

4. Position the WiFi Router Correctly

Place the modem away from the TV, monitor, speakers, and computer to boost WiFi speed on the cellphone. Set it on a table in a well-ventilated area. Keep the modem away from the floor and beneath the bed.

5. Adjust the Modem Antenna Position to Make Signal Capture Easier

Overcoming a sluggish WiFi connection can also be accomplished by adjusting the modem’s antenna to remain straight up regardless of the position of the modem.

For example, whether the router is placed horizontally on a table or vertically against a wall, the antenna must stay perpendicular to the top.

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Are you concerned that the modem has been broken and that your Android’s WiFi signal has been lost? We advise you to only call an Indihome technician.

10. Use Default Phone Apps to Remove Junk Files and Viruses

If, after restarting the device, the indicator indicates a full WiFi connection but you are unable to enter the online application, the system may be infected with a virus.

To resolve this issue, try clearing the browser’s cache by browsing through its history. Additionally, use the phone’s default cleaning software to remove garbage files that have become malware nests. Typically, this strategy is used.

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