Cryptocurrency Investing: Know This to Get High Returns – Cryptocurrency Investing: Know This to Get High Returns, Those in the investment industry may be familiar with bitcoin investing. The emergence of crypto or digital money gives an additional alternative for those looking to invest in a novel way.

Cryptocurrencies, like other currencies, may be used to make payments. It can, however, only be done virtually. As the name implies, this digital money cannot be utilized as a physical payment method because it can only be used in the digital realm.

We will give thorough information about cryptocurrencies, including how to invest and cryptocurrency examples, in this section.

Cryptocurrency Investing: Know This to Get High Returns

Will also go through the greatest and most reliable cryptocurrency investments for 2020, 2021, 2022, and beyond. So, if you’re starting to become intrigued in

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You can read this post till the finish if you are interested in the outcomes produced by cryptocurrencies. The most significant aspect of beginning an investment is having extensive knowledge.

What exactly is cryptocurrency?

Many individuals are getting acquainted with the word cryptocurrency. Are you wondering what crypto is? Here’s how it works.

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What is the distinction between investing in stocks and investing in cryptocurrencies? Here are several distinctions between the two.

1. a musical instrument

Company shares are the type of instrument exchanged on the stock exchange. Meanwhile, digital money, such as Bitcoin, is employed as an investment vehicle in the crypto market.

2. Asset Classification

When you acquire shares of a firm on the stock exchange, the shares you possess reflect a proportion of the company’s ownership.

Whether or whether the company’s success will influence the stock’s worth. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies may not always imply a stake in the firm or initiative that issued them.

3. Fundamental Analysis Aspects

Stock fundamental analysis includes a variety of data that affects the price or value of a stock, such as cash flow, return of assets.

Or indicators that measure the company’s ability to use assets to generate profits, as well as gearing ratios, which measure the extent to which the company finances its operations with capital.

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loan. Meanwhile, with crypto, the factors evaluated include the reason for using the crypto asset, the number of individuals who use it, and the team behind the asset’s creation.

4. Risk Level and Volatility

Stocks in Indonesia have a method for controlling volatility when the market is out of control, in the form of a short halt of trade, which makes this volatility more controllable if there is a significant decline or increase.

In some ways, the stock market is more steady and low risk. Meanwhile, crypto assets lack volatility management, allowing them to fluctuate based on supply and demand, increasing the risk of crypto assets. This large yield is what makes cryptocurrency so risky.

5. Unit of Transaction

In Indonesia, stock dealers must conduct transactions of at least 1 lot or 100 shares, for example, for a share. A minimum capital of Rp. 100,000 per lot is required, with a share price of Rp. 1,000. Meanwhile.

Despite the fact that the price of Bitcoin may reach hundreds of millions of rupiah and Ethereum can reach tens of millions, tiny capital traders can still transact by purchasing the smallest fractions, such as Bitcoin with 8 decimal fractions or 1 sat.

6. Characteristics of a Trading Platform

Traders can perform transactions in stock investments by becoming clients in securities. Meanwhile, dealers and holders can transfer crypto assets from crypto exchanges to crypto storage in the wallet program.

7. Relationship

Stock investment is often restricted to a single country’s stock exchange, such as the requirement that international traders who wish to acquire shares in Indonesia must modify its guidelines by establishing a securities account in the country.

Meanwhile, crypto assets have limitless links across nations, increasing the number of dealers who may conduct transactions.

8. Transaction Charge

The cost of purchasing and selling stock on the stock exchange is often considerable. This is due to the fact that stockbrokers will charge fees or commissions, and banks will charge investors when making payments, and capital gains are taxed.

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Meanwhile, the costs for exchanging crypto assets are relatively minimal. Transactions on the blockchain, for example, are relatively small since you simply need to pay a gas cost or payment for miners who confirm crypto user transactions, and exchange fees are cheaper than on stock exchanges.

9. Trading Hours

Stocks only work Monday through Friday. Meanwhile, because the cryptocurrency market is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, traders may track cryptocurrency price fluctuations even after the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

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