Full Video Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid Pics Reddit

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Full Video Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid Pics Reddit

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a new Netflix limited series, has sparked doubts regarding the famous serial killer’s participation with The National Honor Society.

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One sequence in the ten-episode documentary depicts a teenage Jeffrey Dahmer discreetly slipping into Revere High School’s yearbook photo for the honor society, and viewers are left wondering whether the murderer truly earned a seat in the prestigious organization.

Two images, jeffrey dahmer police one with Jeffrey’s face obscured and one with him plainly visible, are presently circulating Reddit and Twitter feeds. The yearbook crew initially blacked out and deleted Jeffrey’s face.

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Video Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid Pics Reddit

His victims were black males, and he chose them because he believed he would be less likely to be caught, with authorities at the time unconcerned about a large number of black men vanishing, particularly homosexual men.

I’m not sure if he actually found black males, in particular, jeffrey dahmer opfer sexually appealing; it’s conceivable he did, but he may have been drawn to them more because he found it easier to turn them into victims.

He killed them for the bones and body parts, maybe because he thought black males were disposable, which explains his lack of guilt in killing them.

He was extremely meticulous, drugging the victim, strangling and dismembering them swiftly, the sexual part was an afterthought,jeffrey dahmer wohnung I don’t recall him even talking about penetration, only that he occasionally ate them or masturbated over their organs, it doesn’t seem like someone whose purpose was sex.

I also recall how much he insisted on not hating his victims, which makes me wonder why he was so insistent on letting us know that, did he not want to be labeled a racist?

Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid Pics Reddit

Everything he says in interviews should be taken with a grain of salt; he appears to be a very manipulative character and a colorful wild. He meticulously replies interviewers to portray the picture he wants them to believe; perhaps he believed the true reason for his killings was more difficult to swallow, so he made up a bogus explanation to make them believe.

It’s like borrowing money from your parents to purchase hard drugs but lying to them and saying it was to buy booze instead, believing that buying alcohol would be the lesser of two evils, jeffrey dahmer netflix preferable to disclosing the darker reality.

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I believe Dahmer was a racist; he did not see black people as equal, and his fascination with the human body led him to want to experiment on humans, but first he needed to find a source of victims, they had to be easy to lure and less likely to attract police attention , and the black gay community was targeted because he knew this fit the criteria, documenting reality and under the false pretenses of having sex it was easy to lure black homosexuals to their murder.

I don’t believe Dahmer’s motivation was sexual; rather, it was his morbid curiosity and experimentation that drove him; he took all victims he could obtain, not only those he considered beautiful.

I believe there was a sexual aspect to the crimes because he enjoyed the power he had over his victims, drugging them, and cutting them up was a thrill to him, but it’s very telling that the crimes weren’t sexual because he was very quick in killing his victims, jeffrey dahmer podcast he didn’t keep them around long enough for sexual pleasure, he cut straight to the point and killed them for their bones and body parts, the victims that he did keep around longer were his experiments, he was

He was obsessed with perfecting the preservation of body parts and creating art out of them, skulls, painting penises, the table of skulls he wanted to create, this was his true motive, he saw black men as a material for his art and not as human beings, perhaps he chose victims based on how he thought their body parts would look, such as if he liked the shape of someone’s skull or something.

This is obvious in his repeated attempts to learn how to properly preserve the bones; if someone’s skull did not preserve correctly or crumbled, he would choose another victim and try again and again until he had the ideal skull.

This is how I believe he thought, and there have been many others like him throughout history, such as reputed Nazis building furniture out of Jewish people’s flesh and Ed Gein who created the skin lamp; perhaps News Dahmer knew these people and got the idea from them.

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