Full Video Tiffany Valiante Autopsy Photos

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Full Video Tiffany Valiante Autopsy Photos

There is ample evidence to support the conclusion that Tiffany Valiante’s brutal death, which was investigated in the debut episode of Unsolved Mysteries season 2, volume 3, was a disease. This episode also investigates Tiffany Valiante’s family choice theory that she was abused and her body placed on the railroad tracks.

was tiffany valiantes murdered parents make big announcement

Can Tiffany Leave Without Being Notified?

Tiffany Valiante was attending a graduation celebration for her cousin, who had just graduated from high school, at the time of her death. Tiffany’s uncle, tiffany valiante solved Robert Valiante Sr., who lives across the street from his brother, Steve Valiante, hosted the party.

The celebration lasted all day, with many family members and friends coming and going throughout the night.

No one watched Tiffany leave the party, according to an interview conducted for Unsolved Mysteries season 2, volume 3 episode tiffany valiante autopsy reddit “Mystery at Mile Marker 45.” Tiffany’s last known image was captured on a trail camera installed at her parents’ home, and it shows her walking their way down the street. Tiffany’s parents suspect her of entering the car and being kicked out of the party.

The Valiante family theory is based on the concept that Tiffany would not be able to walk around without being seen, even in the dim light of a hot summer night.

Given his family’s evidence that there were “at least 20 or 30 cars” parked along the road between Robert and Steve Valiante’s house that people were still coming and going from the party at the time Tiffany disappeared, this seems to be a reasonable argument.

Tiffany was a tall and athletic woman who would easily stand out if she walked along the congested path into the forest, as investigators eventually thought.

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Tiffany’s Phone Has Been Forgotten

The recovery of Tiffany’s phone, apparently dumped on the ground, is perhaps the most convincing circumstantial evidence that she was pushed into the vehicle. Steve Valiante, Tiffany’s father, saw a phone “five to eight feet from the side of the road” in front of his house.

Tiffany doesn’t go anywhere without her cell phone, as Steve Valiante notes in Unsolved Mysteries episode “Mysteries at Mile Marker 45,” and there’s no way she’d lose it and not notice her absence.

Tiffany’s urge to carry her phone with her at all times seems so strong that she got a special waterproof cover so she can use her phone in the shower.

ME Reports Are Very Inconsistent

Unfortunately, in the case of Tiffany Valiante’s death, there is little forensic evidence to analyze. This is partly due to the fact that the New Jersey Transit Police, which handles investigations, do not have the necessary training and expertise to conduct suspicious homicide or death investigations.

This is also because Tiffany’s body was being cremated before the Valiante family understood that some procedural errors were made during the initial investigation into her death.

According to PBS affiliate WHYY, despite the fact that Tiffany was only wearing her underwear when her body was found, rape tools were never used to determine whether she had been sexually assaulted.

In addition to the procedural error, the medical examiner’s official report on the death of Tiffany Valiante has a number of irregularities.

Many of these inconsistencies are brought to light in the Unsolved Mysteries episode “Mysteries at Mile Marker 45,” discovered by H. Louise Houseman, a retired medical examiner who was brought in as an independent expert to assess the original investigation when the Valiante family filed a civil lawsuit about the 2017 case.

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Houseman’s 30-page study, which is public, calls into question official records and investigators’ conclusions that Tiffany Valiante committed suicide.

Houseman’s main concern is that no thorough autopsy was performed, despite the fact that the initial medical examiner’s report used the word “cut” to describe how Tiffany Valiante’s limbs and legs were severed from her body. This technically contradicts investigators’ view that Tiffany’s body was torn apart by the train crash.

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