Guide How to Turn Off/Disable Windows Laptop Default Antivirus Guide How to Turn Off/Disable Windows Laptop Default Antivirus, Windows Defender is the default Windows antivirus, and it is categorized as sophisticated, with a slew of really slick security measures to keep malware at bay.

However, many people install antivirus software from other parties (third party) in the aim of securing their system against multilayer external items.

However, it should be remembered that installing too much antivirus software actually slows down the performance of the laptop, making it slow. If you insist on using a third-party antivirus program, it is strongly advised that you disable the Windows default antivirus.

How to Easily Disable Windows Defender

Keep in mind that discontinuing Real Time Protection does not always mean turning off or disabling Windows Defender on a Windows laptop.

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Stop using this Windows 10 antivirus entirely. Windows Defender will be reactivated in Windows 10. To put it another way, Windows Defender is still functioning.

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The following are simple procedures to switch off Windows’ built-in antivirus simply and safely, so that Windows Defender is permanently removed.

Turning Off Windows 10 Antivirus and Disabling Real-Time Protection

It is possible to disable Windows 10 antivirus using Settings or Settings. This feature allows you to activate as well as deactivate Windows Defender on your Windows 10 laptop.

How to Disable Windows Defender Using Real Time Protection

The following are the methods for disabling Real Time Protection so that Windows 10 Antivirus is no longer active:

  • Select Start Menu.
  • Choose the Settings icon (image of a cogwheel). You may also launch Windows Settings by pressing the Windows logo key + I at the same time.
  • Scroll down the Windows Settings menu to find and pick the Update & Security item.
  • The program window will then display once you click the Windows Defender option.
  • Drag the switch to the Off position in the box on the right to disable the Real Time Protection feature.
  • Then a notice displays that the Windows Defender antivirus has been deactivated, with an option to reactivate it in the message. Typically, the notice will look something like this: “Activate Virus Protection – Virus protection is disabled. To activate Windows Defender, tap or click.”

If step one is to temporarily disable Real Time Protection, step two is to permanently disable Real Time Protection.

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How to Disable Windows Defender by Disabling Real-Time Protection Permanently

The following are the methods to permanently stop Real Time Protection so that Windows Defender antivirus is no longer active:

  • Open the Start Menu in the lower left corner of the monitor screen, or hit the Windows key on the keyboard.
  • Then, without the quotations, write “Edit Group Policy” and hit Enter. A Group Policy window will open, displaying the directories holding the applications/software on the laptop.
  • Then navigate to Administrative Templates.
  • Then, double-click the Windows Component icon.
  • Double-click the Windows Component icon after that.
  • Locate and double-click the Windows Defender folder.
  • After selecting Windows Defender, a Turn Off Windows file will appear in the right pane.
  • When we double-click the Turn Off Windows Defender file, an options box will emerge, asking us if we want to activate Turn Off Windows.
  • Choose Enabled. Done.

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In Windows Defender Security Center, configure SecurityHealthService.

Unlike Methods #1 and #2, which involve tinkering with Real Time Protection settings, this third option involves running Windows Defender directly from the Windows Defender Security Center.

So, there you have it, three simple and secure ways to disable/turn off Windows 10 antivirus. According to TeknoPlug, in order to make.

Windows 10 PCs more secure and virus-free, Use the most effective antivirus software available. If you can find the best and light antivirus, your laptop will be lighter.

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