Guide on How to Test Internet Access Speed on a Free Speed Test Website Guide on How to Test Internet Access Speed on a Free Speed Test Website, With the rising amount of jobs that must be accomplished promptly, the internet has now become an unavoidable need.

To receive the quickest access, you must be connected to a high-speed internet connection. As an example, consider a home WiFi plan. What is the actual speed of your internet connection?

It should also be mentioned that fast internet, such as Wifi or 4G Telkomsel, is not always seamless and simple to use, because a variety of variables influence how fast the internet connection is.

Of The Best Free Speed Test Websites For Measuring Internet Speed

It’s not a bad idea to do an internet speed test to find out exactly what internet speed the device is using. There are three methods for determining internet speed:

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through the speed test website, via the ping test, and via the mobile speed test website. This time, TeknoPlug will welcome you to do the website speed test to determine the speed of your internet connection.

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A speed test website is a simple method to test internet speed without paying any money. Among these several sites, some of the finest speed test websites provide quite reliable findings when testing internet speed.

The broadband internet speed test includes download speed, upload speed, ping time, an analyzer, and easy-to-use UI elements. Free Speed Test Websites for Internet Speed Tests, specifically:

  • Ookla Speedtest.
  • Site BandWidthPlace site
  • Site
  • Speed Test by PT Telkom Indonesia
  • Site

Website Speed Test allows you to test your Internet connection speed online.

Simply browse to the websites indicated above to test and assess the speed of the internet whether surfing on your laptop or on your mobile.

For those of you who are still perplexed about how to evaluate loading internet speed when browsing, TeknoPlug has provided the instructions.

1. Internet Speed Test on Ookla’s Speedtest Website is a website that offers the most popular internet speed testing tool available today due to its high accuracy. is an internet speed test website that has been operating for quite some time.

The accuracy level of is pretty promising because it incorporates the nearest server provider. Furthermore, because this website is connected with a variety of social media, your internet measurement data may be posted immediately to the social media timeline.

How to Test Internet Speed Using Okla’s Website Speed Test

Ookla’s Speedtest, which contains three performance indicators, may be used to measure internet connection metrics. Simply going to the webpage will bring you to the internet speed meter application.

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Simply pressing the “START” button causes the speedometer to move, and the results are shown in the form of Latency Test, Download Test, and Upload Test values.

  • The LATENCY TEST will give you the delay in milliseconds during transmission.
  • The DOWNLOAD TEST measures how quickly data can be obtained from the internet (in Megabytes per second).
  • The UPLOAD TEST measures the time it takes to transfer data to a distant server (in Megabytes per second).

2. BandWidthPlace’s Internet Speed Test

BandwidthPlace is intended to evaluate the device’s performance when connecting to the internet without causing any cyber security risks.

This website will tell you whether the speed offered by your ISP is compatible with the internet speed you are now using in real time. BandwidthPlace has been in business for over 15 years, assisting clients, particularly internet service providers.

How to Test Internet Speed on “BandWidthPlace” Like Speedtest.Net, understanding the wifi speed on a laptop is quite simple by testing on the BandwidthPlace site.

Simply go to the BandWidthPlace site to test the internet. The online application may be found on the webpage; simply hit the “START” button, and the speedometer.

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Will begin to move instantly throughout the speed test. The site will then provide internet speed test rests that include download speed, upload speed, and ping speed.

3. Check Internet Access Speed Using the (TMN) Website

In addition to internet speed checker websites such as Speedtest Ookla and BandWidthPlace, is another excellent website that offers a Speedy Indihome Telkom internet speed measuring tool. is a broadband speed test that will test your internet, precisely compute transfer rates, and provide simple test results.

Testmy net is a third party (third party) that is independent of any internet provider and works for internet consumers, not for internet providers.

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