How To Buy Stocks At Magic No Ribet! – How to Buy Stocks at Magic, No Ribet!, Stocks are popular investment vehicles that have been around for a long time. Prior to this lively digitalization, stock trading operations were relatively difficult.

However, technology advancements, including the addition of investment trading software such as Ajaib, have simplified this. It becomes much easier to understand how to acquire and sell Magic shares.

However, some people are not accustomed to utilizing mobile applications for stock trading. As a result, I’ll attempt to explain how to acquire and sell Ajaib shares. Come ahead, have a look!

What Exactly is a Magic App?

Before we get into how to purchase and sell Magic shares, you should first understand what the Magic application is.

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This information is critical since it will allow you to determine whether or not to invest in the Magic application.

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The Magic app is essentially a mobile platform program meant to be used to carry out different investing operations such as buying and selling shares, mutual funds, and so on.

This Magic app may be downloaded from the play store or the app store and used online with mobile devices such as Android or iPhone.

Ajaib Group, the firm behind the Magic Application, is a platform for two companies: PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia (previously PT Primasia Unggul Sekuritas) called the Magical Sekuritas Company and PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia nicknamed the Magic Mutual Fund Company.

Initially, the Magic program functioned similarly to the Bibit application, which solely provided investing services in the form of online mutual funds.

However, since acquiring PT Primasia Unggul Sekuritas, Ajaib has begun to expand its operations as a stockbroker or stockbroker.

The construction of an application with a genie lamp as its logo is rather quick, and it can stay up with rivals that have previously participated in comparable businesses.

This is inextricably linked to the availability of numerous elements that facilitate stock and mutual fund transactions for investors.

How to Activate Magic Apps

In general, before purchasing or selling Magic stock, you should understand how it works. to sign up for this application This is significant since you must first create an account in order to use all of its features. It is not difficult to register in the Magic application; simply follow these simple steps to create an account:

1. Install Magic Apps on HP

The first step is to get the Magic app on your smartphone and install it. If you have an Android phone, you can get the Magic app from the Play Store; if you have an iPhone, you can download it from the App Store or App Market.

For example, if you want to download from the Google Play Store, simply enter in the URL on the Play Store main page.

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Enter ‘Magic Application’ in the search area, then click OK. Following that, you will be presented with a number of application suggestions; please choose the Magic application and hit the install button, then wait for the installation procedure to complete.

Make sure you download the proper official Magic App, namely the Magic App for digital stocks and mutual funds.

The Magic application employs a logo in the shape of a famous Middle Eastern-style lamp, similar to Aladdin’s genie lamp, but in blue.

2. Sign up for Magic

After successfully installing the Magic program on your smartphone, you may begin enrolling to establish a stock account in the application. All registration steps are completed online or online, so ensure that you are connected.

You will also be required to enter some personal information. As a result, before beginning the registration process, you can create an ID card to fill in the personal data information during the registration process.

In addition, you will be required to provide a current phone number, email address, and password for your Magic account.

If you have a referral code, you may put it in the given column during the signup process. After you’ve completed all of your information, all you have to do is click REGISTER.

3. Email confirmation

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Magic will send you a registration confirmation email when you click the REGISTER button. Please confirm by going to your inbox or inbox and opening the email from Magic. Then, in the e-mail, click the link.

You may then return to the program and log in. After selecting login, go to the upper left corner of the application page and pick the OPEN SHARE ACCOUNT option.

You will be brought to a page with a selection of investment kinds; you can also filter alternatives by clicking the SHARE button if you are only interested in equities.

Or MUTUAL FUND if you are only interested in mutual fund products. Please select the sort of online investment that best meets your requirements.

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