How To Cultivate Betta Fish Easily Without Hassle How to Cultivate Betta Fish Easily Without Hassle, It is not difficult to produce betta fish; you only need to learn some basic cultivation guidelines.

Betta fish have grown in popularity over the last decade due to the diversity of stunning fish designs and rising demand. However, the care of this betta fish differs greatly from that of other species.

Betta fish is another animal with a high survival rate; betta fish can survive in aquatic settings with low oxygen levels. This fish can even survive in a container with very little water and no air circulation.

Characteristics Of Betta Fish Behavior

As a result of their ease of maintenance, betta fish culture is becoming more popular. Aside from not being a bother, Its cultivation can also have a very appealing commercial value, you know! For that, let’s learn more about how to raise this betta fish!

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Betta fish are carnivorous creatures that hunt for fish during the day, often known as diurnal. This fish’s distinguishing feature is that it always protects its area, therefore its aggressive behavior serves as a deterrent to other betta fish who visit its region.

Betta fish are quite aggressive. This aggressive temperament is seen when meeting people of the same sex. When another male betta fish approaches his area, he is chased away.

Furthermore, betta fish exhibit spawning behavior, which may be defined as a state in which the betta releases eggs and sperm for fertilization or breeding.

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When the male postures in front of the female to attract her attention, betta fish spawning behavior can be observed. The style in question is the guy displaying his fine looks before sprouting his fins.

The male will then circle the female and approach her. So, how can you distinguish between male and female betta fish?

1. Body Type and Color

Male betta fish normally have a brilliant and powerful color, whilst female betta fish usually have a duller hue. Furthermore, female betta fish frequently have a vertical line on their body, which is used to indicate when the betta fish is ready to breed.

Female betta fish have shorter and broader bodies than male betta fish, based on body form. Male betta fish, on the other hand, have lengthy bodies and fins. The average body length of a male betta fish is 7.5 cm.

2. Beard

Can you notice the betta’s beard if you look closely? tutorials If the fish appears to be exceptionally clean and lengthy, it is a betta. In contrast, if it is short and hardly noticeable, it is a female fish.

The beards of these two varieties of fish will be more noticeable while docking, however when ngedok, the female species will look down and the male betta fish would look up.

3. Assertive

Both species of fish are aggressive, however when compared to male fish, females are more energetic fighters. When the female fish sees the female fish next them, they get melancholy.

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As a result, avoid placing female betta fish together with other betta fish. This can cause stress in the betta fish.

4. Bubble

When bubbles form on the surface of the water, it indicates that the male fish is ready to mate. Bubbles are typically Betta Fish Varieties.

Types of Betta Fish

Betta fish are available at a variety of prices ranging from cheap to costly. Of course, age, attractiveness, grade, size, style, and agility all play a role. Let’s look at the explanation below for additional information!

1. a tropical paradise (Macropodus Opercularis)

You should know that this variety of betta fish is rather simple to raise. The paradise fish is a freshwater ornamental fish that lives in calm waters and travels quickly.

These fish have a forked tail that is rather long and flat to the side. For the hue, which ranges from brown to green, is also highly variable.

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Not only that, but the body of this fish is covered in horizontal stripes that alternate between blue and red, making it highly appealing.

2. Fancy

The color combination of this fish, as the name suggests, is highly appealing. There can be 7 to more color combinations on the body of a fancy betta fish, making the body of this fish seem like a painting.

3. The veiltail

This variety is fairly common in fish stores. Although this breed is not particularly nimble, the beauty of the mix of body colors should not be overlooked!

4. Large Ear (Dumbo)

This fish has an unusual form that resembles an elephant’s ear. This fish is actually a betta fish with a genetic abnormality that causes its front fin (abdomen) to be bigger than its tail fin. This sort of fish is relatively rare due to its peculiarity.

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