How To Delete WhatsApp Files So It Doesn’t Slow Down How To Delete WhatsApp Files So It Doesn’t Slow Down, How to Delete WhatsApp Files, which might help to speed up your phone. Why should they? Of course you can.

Because you often use the WA application to communicate. Of course, it will receive and transmit things such as chat photographs, videos, images, audio, and others.

Which need storage space. Check the memory use on your smartphone. Of course, if you use WhatsApp more frequently, it will consume more storage space.

How To Delete WhatsApp Files So It Doesn’t Slow Down

For example, suppose you are a WA user who regularly participates in several groups, and you use WA for an online business with a high volume of chat traffic.

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Lots of images and other files enter, quickly filling up memory. Unfortunately, certain WA file storage cannot be transferred to external memory. Yes, if you use HP, the internal memory is large enough to keep you secure.

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So, the internal RAM is little for those of us that use HP? complete fast So, knowing how to remove WhatsApp files that are no longer needed plays a significant role.

WhatsApp duplicate files, garbage files, junk files, and other files that are no longer needed on WhatsApp are all removed. Here’s how to erase WhatsApp files so your phone doesn’t lag.

How to Delete WhatsApp Files Manually

As is customary, I provide two alternatives in this post. Using third-party programs, you may delete WhatsApp files manually and fast.

Please determine which is easier for you. Well Let’s start with the first option. We are allowed access by default to remove or add files that WhatsApp has produced in the internal memory. This file causes HP RAM to load up fast and even slow down.

You can open the WhatsApp folder as follows to learn How to Delete WhatsApp Files:

  • Launch the file/file manager application.
  • Then choose internal memory.
  • Choose the WhatsApp folder.
  • Choose a media folder.

There are many other folders in the media folder, such as images, movies, documents, and so on, whose contents include items that you receive and also transfer. You can remove any that you believe are no longer necessary.

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How simple is it to get rid of it? However, the procedure described above is fairly sophisticated or may be perplexing for those of you who seldom interact with files. It can also be difficult to delete or choose it incorrectly.

I propose third-party programs available from the Google Play store for this purpose. The following is a list of programs for deleting WhatsApp files.

How to Delete Junk WhatsApp Files Using the App

This second method, in my opinion, is more effective and simpler for deleting garbage files from WhatsApp at once.

It is faster to utilize this program for big amounts of files that need to be erased. I use the WhatsClean – Cleaner for WA app, which is quite useful. Simple design and ease of usage.

Simply choose the file type you wish to remove, then pick the file and delete it forever. This procedure will also erase the one in the gallery, resulting in the total deletion of the WhatsApp file.

  • Okay, here’s how to use it.
  • First, download the WhatsClean program from this link.
  • It has been completed, and please launch the application.
  • Initial display, several choices based on the type of file you wish to remove. For instance, the image/photo file you wish to remove.
  • Simply pick the Image menu. The Image menu will look like this.
  • There is a menu received file and transmitted file above. Where Received is a picture file received over WhatsApp from a buddy. Meanwhile, transmitted files are files that you share with others. Because when you photograph something and email it to a pal.
  • The photo will be duplicated, with one original image remaining in the gallery and the other serving as a copy file for you to distribute to your friends. In the transmitted file menu, this is where you may delete the copied file.

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Pick it by placing a check mark on the photo file; if you want to select all, hit select all, and everything will be checked. Simply press the delete key.

How to Delete WhatsApp Files is really simple, and of course, this way is more beneficial for you active WhatsApp users to receive and transfer files.

Especially if you go to crowded places, where it quickly fills your HP memory and slows down your device. Okay, up here, and good luck; perhaps it will be useful.

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