How To Speed Up Wifi Connection Without Apps & Without Root How To Speed Up Wifi Connection Without Apps & Without Root, A fast WiFi connection may encounter a dip in speed at any point without notice.

Such as when purchasing in an online store application, watching a Champions League broadcast on a live soccer application, or streaming a game on Google Stadia.

Poor WiFi signal and WiFi network issues are surely quite upsetting since numerous internet-dependent activities are hampered. Despite the fact that you have subscribed to low-cost WiFi packages such as Indihome WiFi, Indosat GIG, and others.

How To Speed Up Wifi Connection Without Apps & Without Root

You may have tried a variety of methods to increase WiFi speed on Android and PC. However, if the Wi-Fi connection is still not experiencing a substantial rise in speed, this might be due to the router.

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The following are a variety of techniques to speed up WiFi internet without using programs or rooting, as well as the steps to accomplish it on your smartphone and laptop, without paying a lot of money, without rooting, and without using applications.

Adjust the Wi-Fi Modem Position

Because network technology is becoming more complex, the equipment given should also adhere to the present technology, especially Wifi technology types a, b, and g.

A router modem is one of the most common devices used to connect to WiFi. Laptops and smartphones cannot identify the Wifi channel without a modem. For customers who want to subscribe to WiFi, the supplier / ISP normally includes a modem.

One of the reasons why the device has trouble accessing the WiFi signal is because the modem is in the wrong place. Check the modem’s location to ensure that the WiFi signal is readily caught and the connection is restored.

Avoid placing the modem near electronic gadgets or under a table. Also, ensure that the antenna location is not obstructed by media or other items, since this would make catching the WiFi signal harder.

Router Reset

If you’ve adjusted the modem’s position and the signal seems full on the smartphone or laptop, but the loading time is still excessive, it might be due to a too dense network that the modem is accessing.

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To do so, attempt to reset the modem by hitting the off button on the modem and letting it die for a few seconds before turning it back on. Usually, doing so restores the WiFi connection to normal.

Improve WiFi Connection Making Use of Cans

Wifi internet signal may be increased by applying tricks to speed up wifi connections. The usage of cans as modem signal amplifiers is nearly identical to its function as a satellite dish, which is to catch signals and gather them at the plate’s center.

How to Use Cans to Increase WiFi Access

  • Measure the USB cable’s height, hole distance, and length.
  • Know your modem’s speed ahead of time. If your modem’s frequency is 900, The space between the modem hole and the can’s bottom is then 1-1.5 inches. This is true for multiples. If the frequency is 1800 MHz, the distance is around 2-3 inches.
  • Make a hole in the can with a hole punch.
  • Make a hole in the can’s edge based on the size of the modem after measuring the height from the bottom. If the can is very thick, you can use a tool such as a drill.
  • Attach the USB cord to the can.

To prevent the modem from scuffing when inserted, smooth the edges of the holes or cover them with tape. Then, insert the modem, which comes with a USB extension cord. Then, turn the can in the direction of the nearest signal transmission tower.

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How to Quicken If the procedures are followed correctly, wifi without an application will be effective, and the wifi internet connection will be significantly quicker.

Utilize a Long USB Cable

The next tip for speeding up WiFi connections without apps or root is to use a USB cord. The approach is fairly simple: simply connect the modem to the USB wire.

After that, elevate the modem. Increasing the ping speed, upload speed, and download speed with WiFi is usually fairly successful.

The method of utilizing a USB cable to improve WiFi speed is highly effective and efficient, and it is also inexpensive; simply get a USB cable that is between 3-5 meters in length as needed.

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