How To Speed Up WiFi ? Ways to Strengthen Wifi Signal on Laptop!

Ngopisantuy.comHow to Speed up WiFi ? 10 Ways to Strengthen Wifi Signal on Laptop!, How to Increase WiFi Speed – Is your WiFi connection slowing down? Have you tried the WiFi speed-up technique but your internet is still slow?

One method for speeding up a laptop’s Wifi connection is to enhance the Wifi signal. You should attempt increasing the Wifi signal on the following laptop since it is useful for quicker and more consistent internet.

WiFi internet is a sort of high-speed internet connection. Various WiFi providers are in high demand among internet users in Indonesia because they provide a variety of low-cost WiFi packages for home usage. WiFi internet is not only faster, but it is also more reliable.

Causes of Slow WiFi Connection When Using a Laptop Internet

A sluggish WiFi connection on a laptop, on the other hand, is not unusual. Users of WiFi Of course, this is extremely disruptive to work and other internet-related tasks. For instance, to purchase online or to play games.

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Poor WiFi signal can be caused by a variety of factors. Natural causes such as network infrastructure, terrible weather disturbances and lightning and high winds that result in sporadic Wifi signals, large distances from BTS, and inappropriate modem use by the WiFi user, among others.

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The proper approach to speed up Wifi can assist you in restoring Wifi speed to normal. If you’re having trouble with a poor WiFi connection or a lost WiFi signal, try the following tips to boost your WiFi signal.

How to Boost WiFi Signal on a Laptop

Of course, before taking action, you must first determine the device’s real internet connection speed. The trick is to perform an Indihome Wifi Internet Speed Test using a speed test website such as Speedtest By Ookla or TestMy.Net.

We will receive data on the upload, download, and ping speeds of the actual internet connection by evaluating the speed of this WiFi connection.

Check Your Modem, Then Restart

The first step in increasing WiFi speed is to reset the modem. When you sign up for WiFi, the supplier will normally give a set of modems/routers after the officer has signed up.

previously constructed a network connection from the accessible network to the residence All that remains is to ensure that the router’s antenna is correctly fitted.

Check that the modem antenna (router) is erect and straight. This setting will stabilize the internet speed. Place the router in an open space that is not obstructed by objects such as wood, iron, or stone.

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If the methods above have no effect on the strength of the connection, check that the cords connecting the modem, router, and power supply are not faulty (broken or dislodged).

If it is broken, you should call the police to get it replaced. However, if it is displaced, You may install it right now. How are things going? If you haven’t tried other methods to boost the Indihome WiFi connection speed, such as the DNS technique.

DNS Settings to Boost WiFi Signal

You may also boost your WiFi signal by changing the DNS settings on your laptop. In general, the TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) parameters can be used to speed up internet connections via DNS (Domain Name System).

VPN can help you improve your WiFi access.

You may also boost your internet connection using a VPN program, which is especially useful for those of you who are frequently irritated because WiFi is sluggish. Smart VPN, for example.

The Smart VPN program is well-known for its ability to connect to servers with high access speeds. up to 1000 Mbps Because of the updated proxy function, internet access on smartphones utilizing Smart VPN will be quicker when downloading movies or streaming.

Using a Wireless Adapter to Increase WiFi Signal

You may buy an internet booster or WiFi extender in addition to downloading a WiFi connection accelerating program and a WiFi signal enhancer (WiFi Booster).

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The TP-Link TL-WA860RE Range Extender from network equipment maker TP-Link is one example. This equipment offers a greater range than comparable wifi extenders. Simply plugging it into your home’s electrical outlet will boost the speed of your internet connection.

Use the fastest browser available and install an ad blocker.

Installing an ad blocker is a great way to speed up loading times when browsing the internet on Android or a laptop. Advertising is one of the causes of sluggish internet access speed.

In addition to being inconvenient, floating or pop-up adverts consume a certain amount of bandwidth, termed divide. This ad blocker is already included in a number of browsers. When accessing the internet, select the finest browser that is light and speedy.

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