How to Track a Lost Car with a Number Plate Easy! – How to Track a Lost Car with a Number Plate Easy!, Being a victim of a crime is something no one wants to experience. We may do a variety of things to avoid this occurring to us, but criminals are sometimes more skilled than our abilities to prevent crime.

Finally, we are still vulnerable to crime. Vehicles are one of the items that are frequently the target of crime because to their high cost.

Although motorbikes are frequently stolen, cars also pose a significant danger of becoming the victim of a crime. That is why it is critical to employ a variety of strategies to ensure that auto theft does not succeed.

How to Track a Lost Car with a Number Plate Easy!

If you own a car and have lost it, you may be interested in learning how to trace a missing automobile using the license plate, which will be supplied below.

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How to Find a Lost Car Using a License Plate

As Qoala previously stated, although theft of a car is not as simple as theft of a motorcycle, a car still has a high danger of becoming the target of a crime, therefore you must take numerous steps to ensure that this car theft does not happen to you.

However, if your automobile has been stolen and you wish to trace its whereabouts, you may be able to utilize the following techniques to locate a missing car.

Having a registration plate Qoala will show you four simple techniques to track a lost automobile using a license plate. Without further ado, here’s how to trace a stolen automobile by license plate that you should be aware of.

1. Download the National SAMSAT App

The National Samsat program makes it easier to trace automobile license plates. Using the National Digital Samsat program, you may quickly locate or monitor a car using its license plate in order to pay the yearly car tax in a more convenient and secure manner.

You may register for this application online by filling out the online form. Enter the required information, such as the suitable full name on the KTP, NIK, cellphone number, and so on.

Email address, password, and password confirmation Enter your ID card again and take a selfie to prove your identity.

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Enter the OTP code supplied to your phone number and re-verify using the link sent to your previously registered email address by this application.

Because all areas have been combined into one one application, you do not need to memorize the webpage for each region while using this program.

2. Track a Lost Car License Plate Using SMS

When you don’t have an internet connection and can’t check the license plate online, you may trace the number plate of a missing automobile by SMS. The SMS service from their various locations will be updated to follow the automobile number plate.

Here are various places with SMS services for checking automobile license plates, as well as the format for doing so.

  • Send to: 1717 DKI Jakarta Type: METRO Nopol
  • METRO B6666TRI, for example.
  • Java Central
  • Send to: 9600 JATENG Nopol
  • JATENG H6666AF, for example.
  • Java, West
  • Poldajbr Nopol is the kind.
  • fax to: 3977
  • For instance, poldajbr F6666IK
  • Java’s east coast
  • Send to: 7070 Type: JATIM Nopol
  • For instance, JATIM L6666AD

Use the above format and enter the data accurately to obtain the information you want. The SMS will contain information regarding car owner data as well as vehicle information that is quite detailed.

3. Go straight to the Samsat Office.

You can determine the identity of the car owner by tracing the license plate number. This may be accomplished if you go immediately to the nearest Samsat office.

This approach is not for locating a lost automobile or motorbike, but for determining the legitimacy of the vehicle you possess.

To determine the identity of the car owner, bring the original BPKB and STNK, as well as a photocopy, to the officer’s attention right away.

How to Track a Car’s Location Using a GPS Tracker

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Because of technical advancements, you now have a plethora of choices for locating the whereabouts of a stolen vehicle. Even yet, additional equipment such as a GPS tracker are required to determine the location of the automobile in real time.

The advantages of using this type of tracker include the ease of application on smartphones, the ability to anticipate acts of theft.

The ability to obtain detailed travel history, sophisticated devices usually have speakers that can be used as tapping devices, and there are several devices that can turn off the car engine when it is turned on remotely.

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