Kamaru Usman Meme On Twitter

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Kamaru Usman Meme On Twitter

Many amusing memes arose on Twitter after Jorge Masvidal was knocked out by Kamaru Usman at UFC 261 on Sunday (25/4), at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville.

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Kamaru Usman successfully defended his UFC welterweight championship for the fourth time in a row after defeating Masvidal in their rematch.

After a hard battle in round one, Usman was able to knock down Masvidal and then knock out Gamebred in round two.

Masvidal’s loss at the hands of Usman has also inspired netizens to post a slew of amusing memes on social media. Masvidal, who grimaced at Usman before being knocked out, is a common motif in most memes.

Masvidal smirked and practically laughed at Usman in several repetitions of the battle. However, Usman was able to knock Masvidal down and force him to lie on the canvas just a few seconds later.

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The account @pemdave shared an animated GIF video showing Winnie the Pooh’s spirit floating from his body. ‘Masvidal’s spirit departed his body,’ he captioned the photo.

Not wanting to lose, the Bleacher Report media also assisted in the creation of a meme in the shape of a video clip of a former American Football player who was furious after losing US$50,000 in betting funds due to his support for Masvidal.

Meanwhile, the @jose3030 account depicts the mood of a pundit on the octagon’s edge after Masvidal was defeated by Usman. One of the most fantasies is Joe Rogan’s look, which appears to be in shock at the outcome of the bout.

Kamaru Usman Meme On Twitter

Following Michael Bisping’s victory in 2016, Edwards, 30, became only the second fighter in British history to win the UFC championship. With the game tied at five, Edwards started Usman and the fans with a stunning high left kick.

UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards 2 will take place at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 20, 2022.

Since Edwards’ triumph, Twitter has been inundated with jokes about stunning knockouts. Let’s look at some of our favorites and see what Usman says about his defeat.

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Kamaru Usman was knocked out in the fifth round by Leon Edwards.

At UFC 278, Leon “Rocky” Edwards accomplished one of the “best comebacks in mixed martial arts history.”

Edwards appeared to be on his way to defeat on the judges’ scoring until he stunned Kamaru Usman with a left-footed punch to the head.

Usman came out firing, defending his championship for the sixth time. The 35-year-old Nigerian boxer seems likely to defeat Birmingham’s Leon Edwards using his distinctive wrestling combat technique. Edwards was taken back by his KO kick with only 56 seconds remaining in the contest.

Following Usman’s defeat, UFC memes have taken over Twitter

One of the photos of Kamaru Usman following his removal has gone viral on Twitter. UFC fans took photos and transformed them into memes. Check out some of the greatest examples below:

Meme shifts to Kamaru Usman’s Black Panther costume.

The sequel to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which will be published later this year, will feature Kamaru Usman.

Usman was reported to have a cameo part in the Marvel flick earlier this month, but no specifics regarding his character have been released.

Now, following his defeat to Leon Edwards at UFC 278, some Twitter users are teasing that his status as Black Panther may be jeopardized:

Usman extends his congratulations to Edwards on his victory

Although Leon Edwards followers cheered Kamaru Usman’s death, Usman demonstrated that he has always been a sportsman, and there is no grief here.

Usman came to Twitter to congratulate his opponent on winning the championship. Usman tweeted shortly after the bout, “something occurred but… we’re moving.” He said, “congratulations,” and tagged Leon Edwards in the message.

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