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Link ลง ทะเบียน บัตร คนจน ออนไลน์ 2565

Reporters stated on September 5, 2022, that “Today is the first day that the Ministry of Finance and registration bureaus have started registration for the 2022 State Welfare Registration Program or the new round of the poor card.

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The registration process is carried out via the old-new website.

From 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, you can register for a State Welfare Card (click here).

  1. Click on the green button. “Register for the sake of the state’s wellbeing.”
  2. Press the “Start Registration” button.
  3. Fill in the information on the reverse of the ID card, including name, surname, date of birth, and laser number.
  4. Enter registrant information such as residence, educational history, family status (if applicable), employment, income, and debt.
    5.Confirm the data and hit the button. “Verify information”
  5. Single/no-families registering Accept the conditions and confirm the registration by clicking the button. can finish the registration procedure without submitting papers or traveling to the registration office

Only for registered family, ลง ทะเบียน บัตร คนจน ออนไลน์ 2565 spouse (husband or wife who registered marriage) and legal children under the age of 18 who are still living according to Department of Provincial Administration records.

(Adopted children are not included) while filling out the information on the webpage The registrant must choose a registration agency that is convenient for them. ลง ทะเบียน บัตร สวัสดิการ แห่ง รัฐ 2564 ออนไลน์ วัน นี้ should present paperwork to the registration office that are fully signed by both the registrant and family members in order for the registration procedure to be declared complete.

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Register with all seven registration agencies

The registrant must fill out the registration form and sign all paperwork for the registrant and family members. should be provided at the registration office, along with the registrant’s original identity card. In case the husband and children are not present at the registration agency, include a copy of their identity cards with their signatures.

However, if the registrant’s spouse and children come to the registration office and exhibit their original identification cards, ลง ทะเบียน บัตร คนจน a duplicate of the registrant’s identity card is not necessary. Registration forms are available on the project website. Alternatively, contact each registration agency to obtain it.

Verification of registration results

After registering, registrants can check their registration status every Friday. Beginning on Friday, September 16, 2022,

If the registrant discovers that the registration result is incomplete because the registrant’s or family member’s information does not match the information in the Department of Provincial Administration’s database. บัตร สวัสดิการ แห่ง รัฐ ลง ทะเบียน The registrant may request that the information be amended at the registration office where the registration form was filed.

If you are a registrant who does not have a family registered through the website, you can request that the information be amended at a registration unit that is convenient for you.

If the registration result is deemed to be complete, the registrant’s eligibility will be evaluated with the qualification agency. The qualification examination results will be announced in January 2023. www mof go th ลง ทะเบียน คนจน 2565 ออนไลน์ The date of the qualifying examination results will be announced again by the Ministry of Finance.

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However, I’d want to emphasize that the 2022 state welfare registration will be a new registration. by individuals with a valid state welfare card You will continue to get advantages during the registration time.

Until it is notified that a new batch of qualified applications will be accepted. https inscription éducation tn including extending the card’s expiration date as well

As a result, people who have the present state welfare card will continue to get the same benefits. and can exercise the same rights in all respects until it is stated that the benefits for a new cycle will be issued by the Ministry of Finance.

The final word

That’s the discussion about Video Link 2565, which is popular on social media. Hopefully the information that the admin presents can be useful and beneficial for all of you.

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