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Normal driving without looking tired マラソン どこ 走っ てる

“I met him at the TV station; he didn’t look tired at all and happily greeted me.” He doesn’t seem to be saving up for the marathon, and everything seems ‘normal’.

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It was so intense that I forgot I was a charity racer.”

“However, きらり ちゃん, with the same amount of work as usual plus marathon training, there’s no way I wouldn’t be tired…”

“Kanechika-san has a policy of appreciating ‘unnoticed kindness.’ He doesn’t express his tiredness because he doesn’t want to bother him. That’s a sign you’ve touched him.24 時間 テレビ マラソン 今, ” (entertainment industry official)

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In the days before the show, 兼 近 ツイッター リアルタイム Kanechika dedicated herself to practicing.

“Mr. Kanechika is wearing black shorts, an orange T-shirt and orange sneakers.” Her pink hair made her even more distinctive.

Sakamoto, the coach, was standing right beside him. My boyfriend, Rintaro, gave Kanechika a yellow suit with unique embroidery for a YouTube project, but he doesn’t seem to be wearing it.

I am so excited to learn that I will be a charity runner.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to avoid jogging or feeling tired, 24 時間 テレビ トライアスロン so I like to try new things because I don’t want to exercise.

Kanechika said something. Nevertheless, he showed no signs of being “bad”.

Despite the high temperature of a hot summer day in Tokyo of 32.5 degrees Celsius, Kanechika-san seemed calm. 100 キロ マラソン, He runs behind the crew and has the posture of a runner.”

Especially Kanechika’s “calf” muscles are well developed, and Coach Sakamoto is very well liked.

Kanechika put a lot of effort into his training, but whenever there was a close-up camera, he developed a shot. Even when there were no cameras around, he acted the same way as usual.

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マラソン どこ 走っ てる

He was not at all tired when I saw him on the TV station, and he gave me a cheerful greeting. He doesn’t seem to be saving up for the marathon, and everything seems 24 時間 テレビ マラソン 今 どこ“normal”. I lost track of the fact that I was competing for a charity because it was so stressful. (comedian)

However, it was impossible for me to avoid burnout with the same amount of work as usual and my marathon preparations.

“Kanechika-san values ​​’unnoticed compassion’, according to his philosophy.

He hid his exhaustion because he didn’t want to wake her up. This indicates that you have been in contact with him. Officials from the entertainment sector

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