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Link Aanand Pandey and Anand Pandey

Local sports officials requested the organization to file a report after seeing a picture of the Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association’s secretary general, Anandeshwar Pandey, with a woman in horrible circumstances becoming viral.

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Let me inform you that two indecent photos that circulated on social media may have shown secretary Anandeshwar Pandey with many women.

Regarding this issue, aanand pandey the Regional Sports Office of KD Singh Babu Stadium wrote to the Bupati. “It has been notified by Vikas Yadav that Anandeshwar Pande,” the letter read.

Anandeshwar Pandey, the secretary of the Link Video organization, residing in the KD Singh Babu Lucknow Stadium; a female dorm is right next door.

Anandeshwar Pandey was seen in such poor condition in a widely circulated photo that Uttar Pradesh’s reputation was tarnished nationwide.

“The Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association has asked a report on the aforementioned, it is officially announced in light of the aforesaid, uttar pradesh the letter stated.

As a result, you are kindly asked to delete this case from the IGRS site as soon as you get the report; our office will then take the appropriate action.

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Link Aanand Pandey

The complaint has been made in this respect via the Main Minister Portal. Recognizing this, the Regional Sports Official asked the Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association for the report and also attached a copy to the DM.

All of these assertions are vigorously refuted by Anandeshwar Pandey. She added, “An attempt is being made to tarnish my image,”anandeshwar pandey as no lady had yet made such a complaint against me.

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