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Alex Wassabi Twitter & Ksi V Alex Wassabi

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Wassabi stayed cool and silent at the press conference, despite the event being riddled with Olatunji’s threats and accusations, the most of which focused on how he would knock out Wassabi and then move on to larger and greater things. KSI made certain that he dominated all exchanges at the press conference – it was largely him who spoke.

Wassabi did not reply to Olatunji’s tirades like the one above, instead seeming bored and slightly arrogant. This prompted his rival YouTuber to lose his calm, raise his voice and curse his opponent. During the advertising event, the two were effectively polar opposites.

The Brit can be seen forcefully leaning towards the camera in rage and laughing uncontrollably after his own remarks from him. Meanwhile, Wassabi looks to be leaning back and allowing his opponent to do all of the talking.

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Alex Wassabi Twitter

Olatunji is certainly interested in fighting YouTuber Boxer Jake Paul. KSI has often called out Paul on social media in recent months, and the two even had a spat in the aftermath of Paul’s fight with AnEsonGib. Paul’s last bout was five years ago, so the British star will most likely desire additional experience before facing ‘The Problem Child.’

Olatunji has not demonstrated many fundamental boxing abilities in his recent battles with him. Olatunji, on the other hand, has unleashed wild strokes from what can only be characterized as an uncomfortable position. ‘The Nightmare’ must improve, especially because he has lost two years of experience that the younger Paul brother obviously used.

Alex Wassabi’s Website Alex Wassabi

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Alex Wassabi Twitter Link

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Alex Wassabi Twitter Link Bio Video

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