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From having all of the world’s knowledge at our fingertips to rapid connection with anybody, anywhere, the Internet has revolutionized our planet and practically all of our individual lives.

However, it still lacks a number of features. That is why modified APKs are so popular with both consumers and developers.

Gb Whatsapp Pro v9.00 Download

Among the many desired upgrades to WhatsApp functionality is the option to utilize two accounts at the same time, which normally leads in results for third-party, untrustworthy, and memory-hogging cloning programs. GBWhatsApp Pro is an unofficial app that solves the problem in a novel way.

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By directly utilizing GBWA Pro to allow for two users on the same phone, GBWhatsApp Pro provides all of the benefits while avoiding the storage space and RAM-related limitations associated with app cloners.

This third-party program gives the user access to special features that are not accessible elsewhere, such as chat themes, secret read receipts, app locks, multi-user capabilities, and more.

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Top Features of GBWhatsApp Pro

The following features will be accessible with GBWhatsApp Pro on your Android device. These aren’t available on ordinary WhatsApp instances, therefore it’s worth reading about them to grasp what they have to offer.

Themes: Themes were incorporated in the GBWA APK and are currently one of the nicest aspects of the mod. They allow you to modify the layout of your app whenever and as often as you like. Several themes are already available, and the creator is constantly creating new ones.

Privacy Options: GBWhatsApp Pro adds extra privacy settings not seen in the standard version. These allow you to hide/show your online status, blue ticks, double ticks, typing status, and so on.

App Lock: With the app lock, you can demand a Pattern, PIN, Password, or Fingerprint to access the app and your communications.

This adds an extra degree of protection and keeps your messages concealed from anybody who has access to your phone. If you like, you may see your PIN and password as you input them.

No Contact List Required: With GBWhatsApp Pro Pro, you may send messages to any number, whether or not it is in your contact list. To receive your SMS, they simply need to have that phone registered with WhatsApp.

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Download Link Gb Whatsapp Pro v9.00

The GBWhatsApp Pro mod gives basic WhatsApp app users additional freedom, authority, and control over their accounts. This may be an issue with the standard model of their software, but this hack will make things much better.

Some of the user-friendly features of GBWhatsApp include, but are not limited to:

File sharing – WhatsApp allows you to send up to ten photographs at a time, and the size of video files and documents that may be shared with the service is also limited. Users of GBWhatsApp may share up to 100 pictures at the same time and transmit 50MB video files at the same time.

Audio files up to 100MB in size can also be exchanged without compression with direct connections.

Birthdays, meeting reminders, broadcasts, and other significant communications can be arranged in advance. This saves you the trouble of forgetting to send a message and hurrying to send it when it’s too late.

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Anti-Revocation Messages – Don’t be concerned that others will delete messages after sending them to you again. You may read all deleted messages as if they were still there using this function.

Privacy – GBWhatsApp prioritizes privacy by allowing users to remove their last seen status, conceal the blue dot on the listening recording, and prevent others from knowing when they have checked their status. You may still view them from other contacts, unlike regular WhatsApp.

To experience all of these and more, simply download GBWhatsApp Pro from the link box given.

When we want to install an Android program, we don’t always want to go through the Google Play Store; instead, we try to discover the APK file of the desired application using a search engine.

The rationale for this is that we no longer have to download programs from the Play Store when we wish to reinstall the application.

GBWhatsApp Pro Download and Installation for Android

To use GBWhatsApp, your device must be running Android v4.0.3 Jellybean or above. The procedures below cover the essentials of obtaining and installing the APK.

Step 1:

To begin, go to your Android device’s settings. Once there, look for and pick the Security option.

Step 2:

It will be deactivated by default. Enabling this by pressing or clicking allows programs from unknown sources to be installed. Confirm your selection using the pop-up window before proceeding to the next stage.
Step 3:

We may begin the download now that you have enabled the installation of GBWhatsApp Pro in your settings.

Step 4:

Once your download is complete, open the app file. You may see various warnings after clicking “Next” until the “Install” button appears. These can be safely ignored.

Step 5:

You’re done when you see “Install.” Your Android smartphone now has GBWhatsApp Pro loaded.

Step 6:

Finally, if you want to utilize a second account, register it with a different phone number. Signing up for a second number with GBWhatsApp Pro is similar to signing up for WhatsApp. After you enter your information, you will receive a message asking you to confirm it.

Step 7:

Enter your phone number and verification code, then add your name and a profile photo and you’re done! Once everything has been authenticated, you will have full access to GBWhatsApp’s spectrum of configurable features.

Please keep in mind that all steps are required to guarantee a successful download and installation. The app is open-source and free. GBWhatsApp Pro is currently only available for Android. Further operating systems are being developed.

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