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Link Inderjit Nikku News & inderjit nikku age

A video of Inderjit Nikku, a former prominent Punjabi musician, has gone popular on the internet. In the popular video, Inderjit Nikku is seen with a saint, expressing his frustration at not being able to find a job.

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The video, which features Punjabi artist Inderjit Nikku, has gone viral in Punjab. In the popular video, Nikku begs the saint for assistance. He’s telling the Hindu saint about his situation.

He can be heard claiming that he is in debt, ngopisantuy, inderjit nikku news that he is unable to get a job in the business, and that his mental stress is at an all-time high.

Nikku was spotted wearing a mask and conversing with Saint. Nikku’s life issues were replicated by the saint. Before leaving, the young Hindu saint requested that Nikku remove his disguise, face the camera, and perform a song.

After the saint made a request, the Punjabi singer began to cry. inderjit nikku latest news The saint told him that God will soon solve all of his concerns.

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The internet uses his footage in a variety of ways. The internet appears to be split on religious grounds in response to the viral video. Some have chastised Inderjit Nikku for paying a visit to a Hindu saint while being a Sikh.

While another sector of the internet has shared the anguish of the Punjabi artist who is stressed out about not obtaining employment. inderjit nikku age Many Punjabi celebs have also expressed their sorrow over Inderjit Nikku’s situation.

Following the virality of the video, famous Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh offered assistance to Inderjit Nikku. Diljit offered Nikku a song in his upcoming film in an Instagram story.

With the surge of youthful talent and the advent of youth sensations, inderjeet nikku some experienced artists are finding it difficult to get work, particularly in the Punjabi entertainment sector.

A video of musician Inderjit Nikku has been making the rounds on social media, in which he discusses the long-running financial crisis. diljit dosanjh Diljit Dosanjh, a prominent Punjabi singer-actor, has now offered Nikku a song in support.

In a video, Nikku is seen telling a saint about his concerns and issues in life. inderjit nikku songs “One is his health,” the latter says loudly, “another is his career and lack of money, and the final is that he is unhappy in his working life.” Watch the video here.

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In addition, the musician and his wife are shown breaking down and opening up to the saint. When the Baba learns about these problems, sidhu moose wala he bestows his blessings and assures the artist that everything will be OK and that his future will be bright. The video went viral on social media and quickly became a hot topic of conversation.

Inderjit Nikku News

As soon as the video became popular on social media, Diljit Dosanjh jumped in to assist the Door singer. In his Instagram stories, the Ikk Kudi hitmaker asked Inderjit Nikku to perform a song for him in his upcoming film.

Dosanjh stated, “ngopisantuy, ‘Veere nu dekh ke pata ne pagg banani start kiti jina chon ek mai v an.’ (Many others had started tying their turbans like his, and I was one of them.) ‘

Meri next film jo v shoot kra ge asi..plz ek ghana sadey layi zarur (whenever I shoot the next film, please one song for me ),’ he said “.

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