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Link Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter

K.I.Z just yesterday held their sold-out “Only for Women” concert at Cologne’s Lanxess Arena, and today is the second event with no entry restrictions.

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Link Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter

Meanwhile, K.I.Z collaborated with friends Frankfurt Mehnersmoos on a new song called “Oktoberfest.” The song’s motto: techno clapping with a sing-along part “O’zapft is! Crazy Lederhosen!”

If you look closely, kiz oktoberfest musikvideo you will see that “Oktoberfest” is not a complement to the world’s largest folk festival. “What we did yesterday never happened,” said Tarek K.I.Z in one episode.

The little boy hid in the forest, son, then he said, ‘MiaSanMia.’ Today I shot my pears from the grass tent. Nipples protruding from her dress.

White sausage dipped in sweet mustard. I hacked, paid tribute to Hitler, pretended to be a freak, and beat a gay man with young men.”

released. However, the band’s entire YouTube channel, kiz mehnersmoos oktoberfest video including all previous music videos and other content, has been removed.

A montage of Wiesn’s crazy events can be seen in the “Oktoberfest” video to complete the dystopian feel of the song. As a result, the video may be banned if it contains nudity or other “violent or frightening material”.

K.I.Z seemed to be joking as he said on his Instagram story, “Sorry guys, but this masterpiece is very valuable to us.” kiz oktoberfest video stream The video for the song is now available on the band’s Telegram channel.

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Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter

Henceforth, K.I.Z’s YouTube channel has been restored, albeit without the lost videos. The song itself is still available on YouTube, but only as a sound clip and no video. So it’s not possible in the text.

Observations of everyday life (“if you’re looking for me, I’m under the table”) with funny lines like “knutsche with Uli Hoeneß” and “kokse avec Markus Söder.”

This will no doubt appeal to everyone’s artistic sensibilities; however, the theme of violence and sexual violence in the text is at least a topic of discussion in relation to the world’s largest folk festival.

Kiz oktoberfest video

Peter Inselkammer, a spokesman for Wiesn-Wirte, told BILD-Zeitung that the images in the video do not reflect reality.

Although mostly done on the internet, the depiction of the most unpleasant aspects of Wiesn has a long history. Since 2008, the photo blog “München kotzt” has been documenting the dark aspects of Oktoberfest in an uninteresting way.

The controversial “Oktoberfest” video is still available on Reddit, and consists of a handful of video clips, most of which were shot on smartphones, and have been circulating for months on the internet.

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Where “Oktoberfest” violates YouTube’s Terms of Service

Why are music videos removed from YouTube? A look at our own Community Guidelines reveals several possible explanations. YouTube may terminate a video or entire channel for any of these violations.

Sexual scenes from non-pornographic films; content where someone is sexually harassed without their consent; film material or images depicting bodily fluids such as blood or broken bones in order to shock or awe the audience; Schlägereien or Kämpfe, which do not take place in the context of a professional or professional sporting event.

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