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Multiversus Redeem Code On Twitter

The Evolution Championship Series (EVO) has been available to the public for almost a century, with in-person festivities gaining traction. The tournament was canceled in 2020 owed to the terrible COVID-19 epidemic, and it only returned to the arena in 2021, with EVO hosting the competition online.

This year, the fighting game community (FGC) had the opportunity to visit EVO 2022 in person, where they could see professional players compete and play their favorite games, including the free-to-play (F2P) fighting game, MultiVersus.

The FGC got to unlock new in-game goodies before leaving with a bang; we’ve covered how to acquire and use the MultiVersus EVO tickets to obtain the things.

How To Redeem MultiVersus Exclusive Items

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MultiVersus is now one of the fastest growing fighting games. As a Warner Bros. title, MultiVersus combines the worlds of the franchises that the studio created or controls, and places some of the company’s more well-known characters on a combative gaming pedestal.

MultiVersus is an insurrection crossover-themed combat game under beta testing that features characters ranging from Finn and Jake from Adventure Time to Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.

Given how well-received and popular the game is within the FGC, it made an appearance at EVO 2022 for fans to photograph, compete in, and just enjoy.

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Fans must go to the MultiVersus website to redeem these things, following which they must login or establish new accounts. After that, put EVO2022 into the bar to claim the goodies; however, keep in mind that the code is case-sensitive, so fans must type it properly, and then they’re good to go.

Although EVO 2022 is gone, having something to show for it is always nice, especially if it’s a cool-looking profile symbol or banner. Another year has passed, and another is on the way.

For the time being, keep an eye on MultiVersus when its first season premieres, along with two new characters and a variety of additional features.


To commemorate its debut at the prestigious eSports tournament, there are now new MultiVersus Evo codes to redeem, which unlock a new set of goodies.

The good news is that there are two methods to obtain these goodies, one of which requires seeing the official MultiVersus Evo livestream on Twitch and having a linked WB account.

If you haven’t already done so, there looks to be another option to get those additional goods for a limited period.

This is accomplished as follows: Go to the MultiVersus Website, log in or create a WB Games account, then enter EVO2022 in the MultiVersus Redeem Code area.

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Keep it everything in uppercase, and you should be rewarded with a notification indicating that the operation was successful.

And, as previously said, these goodies will not be added to your account immediately, but will be related to Season 1’s ultimate release date.

Unfortunately for us, this has lately been postponed, so we don’t know when these things will be available in MultiVersus accounts.

The release of Rick & Morty, a new Ranked Mode, and a vintage arcade mode have all been announced. Along with an impending Season 1 Battle Pass, the game will receive a slew of new cosmetics.

It should be noted that things obtained through a MultiVersus Battle Pass are not exclusive, and there may be possibilities to unlock some of the game’s planned cosmetic items at a later point.

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