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Link Punjab University Viral Video On Twitter

Protests erupted Friday night on the campus of a private university in Mohali, Punjab, when recordings of the ladies’ dormitories were purportedly released online. After hours of protest, authorities declared the situation “under control” and “calm” on Sunday morning.

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What happened?

Protests erupted late Saturday night in a hostel when a student was arrested for filming and distributing offensive footage of her hostelmates online. The young lady has been arrested.

“So far in our inquiry, chandigarh university we’ve discovered only one video of the accused herself.” She has made no additional videos of anyone else.

Electronic equipment and mobile phones have been privately examined and will be forensically examined,” Mohali police chief Vivek Soni was reported as saying by news agency ANI.

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What exactly are the rumors?

Earlier, rumors circulated on social media that some hostel girls had attempted suicide following the alleged video leak. Police and the university administration, chandigarh viral video on the other hand, have denied any such development.

According to reports, one of the females was hospitalized after fainting, according to university officials. The girl is stated to be in good health currently. “One kid who was taken in an ambulance was anxious, and our staff is in contact with her,” Soni said.

BOOM met with SP Soni, who stated that no suicide attempts or deaths were recorded from the institution.punjab university news According to social media rumors, numerous females attempted suicide.

These are only rumors that are flying around “He stated. According to the Tribune, three dormitory females complained to the warden that one of the hostel members was filming “objectionable movies.”

“We examined the matter and discovered no offensive footage. Furthermore, the dormitory occupants seen protesting in the widely distributed films were made aware of the situation “According to university authorities stated in the story.

According to the official, “several females collapsed in anticipation of their undesirable recordings being exposed on social media” and were returned to campus after receiving first assistance.

“It is a case of a video being filmed and disseminated by a female student. chandigarh university news An FIR has been filed in the case, and the culprit has been apprehended. There has been no documented fatalities as a result of this occurrence.

According to medical records, no attempt (to commit suicide) has been documented “Soni informed the reporters, adding that no rumors should be believed.

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Manisha Gulati, Chairperson of the Punjab State Women Commission on Chandigarh University (CU), called the occurrence a “serious concern” and told the kids’ parents that the “accused will not be spared.”

Here’s what’s been going on at Chandigarh University since last night.

  1. A Chandigarh University student has been detained on suspicion of filming other ladies having showers. She allegedly emailed the tapes to a Shimla guy, who made them viral.
  2. A big outcry erupted on campus, demanding that the girl be punished. To put the scene under control, police had to interfere.
  3. Although it was alleged that the child created 60 similar recordings, police stated they only found one video of the accused herself, and she also acknowledged to making only one video.
  4. Several films have gone viral on social media, spreading several falsehoods. Police have asked everyone not to believe unsubstantiated information, while politicians have urged people not to share such offensive films.
  5. According to one story, several of the pupils whose recordings were leaked attempted suicide. With this assertion, a video of a student being taken to an ambulance has gone viral. However, Mohali SSP Vivek Soni stated that no such occurrence occurred. According to him, one of the girls had an anxiety attack.

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