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A video from the tiktok social media account recently circulated and became one of the films that drew public attention.

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Link Reina Polenta Tiktok Update

The TikTok base’s chief of operations is none other than a young Ukrainian woman named Luciana Ofman.

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Luciana is 23 years old and has published videos on her official TikTok profile regarding key topics such as governance, policies, firearms and ammunition, violence, Ukraine-Russia relations, and much more.

Who is Reina Polenta Tiktok?

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Reina Polenta, a 23-year-old TikTok video and vines uploader, has spoken out against her country’s politics and the present state of conflict.

Reina Polenta’s social media handles are ‘luliofman’ and ‘Luciana Ofman.’ His TikTok profile has over 86.4k followers, and he has a plethora of videos depicting his rage towards the government, many with satirical undertones and twists.

According to his profile, he has 96 persons on his initial following list and 2.1 million likes overall. She frequently uploads movies in which she has her hair combed to both sides and a bright color on her face that matches her attire, facing left from the center.

His humorous subjects, as well as the current viral trend of his videos, revolve around the expressions he makes and the faces he makes while he speaks.

Luciana Ofman Distributes Several Government-Critical Videos Luciana Ofman has posted a video on Tiktok criticizing her government and its practices.

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He recently spoke about Congress, Re-election, The Violent Nature of War, Troops, Invasions, and Policy. He creates vines and flicks in his native tongue and currently has 40-50K views each video.

Link Download Reina Polenta Tiktok Update

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