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Link Saloniyaapa Real Name Twitter

Saloni Singh, 19, was born on July 7, 2002 in Kolkata, Bangalore. Saloni Singh is well known on social media as Saloniyaapa. She is an Indian social media personality who is well-known on sites such as YouTube and Instagram.

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She began by uploading dance, lip sync, and comedy videos on TikTok, and in a very short period, she achieved fame and soon surpassed the one million follower mark.

Aside from TikTok, she opened her own YouTube account in 2018 and began publishing videos there in 2020.

She posted the majority of the roasting films on her channel, which her viewers enjoy. Her YouTube channel has about 2 million subscribers as of 2022.

Saloni’s prior Instagram account had around six lakh followers. However, her account was frozen for some reason, so Saloniyaapa erased her account and re-created the account, on which she worked again and again to obtain followers; at present moment, the account has about 1.4M followers.

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Biography of Saloniyaapa

Saloni Singh was born on July 7, 2002 in Kolkata, India, in the state of Bangalore. She is 20 years old and began her career by uploading TikTok videos.

Videos of her dancing, music, lip-syncing, and humorous acts may be seen on her TikTok account. She amassed a big following on her Tiktok account in just a few months.

Aside from Tik Tok, Saloni has over one million and three hundred thousand Instagram followers. Saloni created a YouTube channel in response to India’s move to ban the usage of the Tik Tok app. Her channel, which has millions of users, is used to distribute roasting videos.

Saloniyaapa YouTube channel

Friends, Saloni Singh established her own YouTube channel in 2019. She posted the first video she made for his channel on December 25, 2019. As of today, about 3.1 million people have viewed his first video.

She was faced with a slew of problems at first, but after a while, she began to gain the audience’s affection. Her channel has received a total of 150 million views as of now.

And has over 2.4 million users that have joined up for the program. The video below has garnered the most views on his YouTube account. This video has been seen by over 4.5 million people to far.

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Saloniyaapa’s (Saloni Singh’s) earnings

Saloni Singh’s one-month YouTube channel makes an average of $3,000 in income from Google Ads, according to This is about 2.2 lakh Indian rupees.

And the annual cost would have been almost $35,000, which is around 45 lakh Indian rupees. The money represented on SocialBlood is not always correct; it may be both high and low at times.

Saloniyaapa’s (Saloni Singh’s) net worth is unknown

Saloni Singh and Saloniyaapa get the most of their money through brand sponsorships, acting and modeling contracts, and YouTube advertising. His net worth is estimated to be over 40 lakhs per various sources. The remainder of her has not been revealed any information of this nature.

Saloniyaapa is from where?

Saloni Singh was born in the state of Bihar on July 7, 2002. However, his family relocated to the state of West Bengal barely a few years after his birth. He grew up in Bengal, the nation itself. She lived in Bengal for the greater part of sixteen years.

Saloni Tik Tok is a YouTube personality

Saloni Singh is one of the most well-known female social media stars, particularly on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat. By trade, she is an Indian model, Poplour YouTuber, TikTok Star, Instagram Star, Digital Content Creator, and Social Media Influencer.

Saloni Singh’s salary is unknown

Saloni Singh’s fortune is mostly derived from the videos she develops and uploads to her YouTube channel; these two activities account for one million dollars of her entire net worth.

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