Link Video Ayuntamiento Vilassar De Mar –Información sobre el enlace de Link Video Ayuntamiento Vilassar De Mar es sin duda una pregunta para muchas personas hoy en día y es popular en las redes sociales.

Recientemente, las redes sociales se sorprendieron con la aparición de información sobre el Vídeo Enlace Link Video Ayuntamiento Vilassar De Mar, cuya información es actualmente el centro de atención de los internautas.

Mucha gente está buscando información sobre estas palabras clave, no solo una o dos personas que quieren saber sobre el enlace de video Link Video Ayuntamiento Vilassar De Mar.

La aparición de esta palabra clave es sin duda una preocupación especial de muchas personas, por lo que se convierte en una de las informaciones con más búsquedas en Google.

Ahora, para obtener más detalles sobre el enlace de video del Ayuntamiento de Vilassar De Mar, puede verlo inmediatamente a continuación.

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Video Ayuntamiento Vilassar De Mar

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According to La Vanguardia, families from Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona) are preparing a lawsuit against the council, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), vilassar before the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for an activity organized by the Servei de Joventut that consists of a two-hour “sexual” night gymkhana for people aged 12 to 30.

According to the parents, among other things, the youngsters had to arrange a condom on a stick or a banana, smear it with honey and cream and suck it, imitate sexual positions, estimate how cocaine is eaten, or model penises and vulvas with plasticine to pass the gymkhana. The Department of Youth, for its part, bemoaned a “communication mishap” on Friday.

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Ayuntamiento Vilassar De Mar

The City Council has assured in a statement that “the activities of the gymkhana were not reported in detail and this has generated discomfort and inconvenience in some families,” and has stated that it will take the necessary measures to ensure that future activities are disseminated with the most detailed information possible.

He noted that the Juliol Jove is part of the renovation of the Espai Jove Can Jorba and that in this gymkhana, certain tests.

According to the council, it has been discovered that teenagers aged 11, 12, and 13 watch pornographic content and form an image of sexuality from it, violent, and unhealthy attitudes.”

He also stated that the gymkhana, which required prior registration, was promoted by young people involved in the leisure monitoring contest who “knew the pedagogical aspect of each test and had the task of adapting it to the age range of each group, being very flexible and being careful with younger age groups.”

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Ayuntamiento Vilassar De Mar

The most often requested procedure in the municipality of Vilassar de Mar is the registration certificate, which can be individual, historical, or communal, and records all of the persons registered at the location.

These processes with municipal census registration are frequently required for the processing of rental aid, basic education, health care, and electoral census.

All processes relating to the registration of the Municipality of Vilassar de Mar may be found here.

Furthermore, town councils oversee permits for the establishment of new enterprises, private fords or loading and unloading, as well as large building licenses.

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Esa es la discusión sobre el Ayuntamiento de Vilassar De Mar, que actualmente es popular en las redes sociales, con suerte, la información que presenta el administrador puede ser útil y útil para todos ustedes.

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