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Link Video De Yeri Mua On Twitter

Yeri from Red Velvet lent her support to SHINee’s Minho. He dispatched a coffee truck to the set of The Fabulous, the 30-year-new old’s drama.

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SHINee’s Minho confirmed the news after posting two images of himself posing in front of a coffee truck. He appeared to bow and thank Yeri Red Velvet.

In the next video, nuevo billete de 20 he is seen enjoying a drink with his portrait in the cup. “I support the drama team ‘The Fabulous’ and Minho oppa,” says the banner atop Yeri’s coffee truck.

The Fabulous is a drama about a young man and woman’s friendship in the fashion business. It will highlight their fight to survive in the competitive world of fashion, nuevo billete de 20 pesos as well as their vivid everyday lives in South Korea’s most fashionable sector.

Chae Soo Bin will play Pyo Ji Eun, nuevo billete de 20 pesos a luxury brand PR agency manager. Minho will play Ji Woo Min, a professional picture retoucher with everything from looks to powers.

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Twitter Video Link for De Yeri Mua

Minho poses with a half-body bow in one of his posted images to express his thanks for Yeri’s kind gift. Minho is smiling in the second shot, holding a drinking glass with his image on the cup sleeve.

Yeri also put an encouraging remark on the coffee truck’s flag, la academia en vivo concierto “I support the complete drama team The Fabulous and Minho oppa.”

Next to the coffee truck was a sign that said, nuevo billete de 20 pesosPesat “You did your best, my darling brother.”

Responding to Minho’s Instagram story post, Yeri shared it on her own Instagram story with the message “I adore my brother,” some adorable embellishments like as flowers, heart emoticons, and a Shinee lightstick photo sticker.

The two’s encounter made Shawol (a nickname for Shinee fans) and Reveluv (a nickname for Red Velvet fans) feel cozy.

The Fabulous play itself depicts the world of labor, la academia en vivo concierto ambition, passion, and friendship in the fashion business. The arduous fight to stay afloat in the competitive fashion industry, as well as their brilliant and vivid everyday lives, are depicted.

Chae Soo Bin will play Pyo Ji Eun, a manager of a luxury brand public relations firm. Meanwhile, Shinee’s Minho will portray Ji Woo Min, a freelance photo retoucher with both looks and ability.

Eri is also busy preparing for her band’s return, Red Velvet, which plans to re-release their last album in March. The Reve Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm’ will take place on March 21, 2022.

Salute to Yeri and Minho’s lovely connection. Despite the fact that they are both quite busy with their own activities, they both make time to help brothers from the same agency.

Let’s wait for more fascinating exchanges between these two SM Entertainment performers. I wish them both the best of luck this year.

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