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Link Video Fabrizio Corona Instagram and Twitter

Fabrizio corona twitter turned 43 on March 29, but it was a miserable birthday for the former paparazzi king, who is presently being imprisoned in the Milanese jail of Opera and is facing a fresh hefty term.

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However, there were many messages of well-wishes, but one in particular sparked a lot of debate, according to the newest rumor headlines.

It is that of her present girlfriend, the singer Silvia Provvedi, fabrizio corona oggi who never gave up for a second and who, on this occasion, used the chance to express her undying love for Fabrizio Corona.

I can’ t close you in a definition. For me you are love. That love that enveloped my soul. Happy Birthday my love. I love you,”sean brocca the girl wrote on Instagram.

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Video Fabrizio Corona Instagram

Fabrizio Corona’s Instagram account became inaccessible immediately after the publishing of a series of Instagram posts involving Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, with the promise of breaking news on the now-ex-secret couple’s affair.

“Sorry, this page is not available,” says the @fabriziocoronathereal website, a virtual space where the former paparazzi king was revealed, among other things, alessio la padula the screen depicting Totti’s effort to reach him privately.

“But Corona’s profile is gone or am I mistaken?” and “Can you confirm that Fabrizio Corona has deleted his profile of him?” are some of the inquiries asked on Twitter by those who are curious about the explanation for the account’s social “disappearance.”

Will of the proprietor? What impact do user reports have? Or the social network’s judgment after discovering a breach of the rules? It is currently unknown, selvaggia lucarelli instagram and Corona has not offered updates on other social media platforms.

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Link Video Fabrizio Corona Instagram and Twitter

“The time has come to tell the truth and open the pot,” Corona had thundered on Instagram, still enraged by Ilary Blasi’s live television conference to Gf ​​Vip in 2018, when he accused him of mounting, years before, alessio la padula blasi the media theater on Totti’s alleged betrayal with Flavia Vento (a few weeks after their marriage and with the first pregnancy in progress). “The mask eventually fell.

“The mask eventually fell. That day, it was an attack on her spouse in lei in order to punish him by exacting revenge on me. “Those who love do not betray,” stasera in tv he continued again, promising discoveries and fiery events that, for the time being, would not occur.

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