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Link Video Imam Hatip Hakaret On Twitter

The well-known artist Gülşen has reacted after calling Imam Hatip followers “obscene” at a concert. After being questioned about his scandalous comments by the director of the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office, imam hatiplilere kim hakaret etti Gülsen is now being held at his residence in Istanbul.

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The well-known singer who had been taken before the court was asked to be held after the declaration of prosecution.

Gülşen, a singer, recently made news when he unveiled his LGBT flag on stage and created controversy with his low-cut concert attire.

The famous musician was performing in April when pictures of him with the caption, “He previously studied at Imam Hatip, his deviance stemmed from there,imam hatip liselerine hakaret ” surfaced.

Singer Gulsen, who is being held in a court of inquiry because of comments he allegedly used to incite “people to annoy or degrade,”

The Head of the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office directed the Istanbul Security Branch Directorate team to launch an ex officio investigation into the offense of “inciting the public to hate by being unfriendly or disrespectful to them” imam hatip okullarına hakaret within the framework of the Istanbul Penal Code.

According to reports, Gülşen sobbed in front of the Istanbul Courthouse when the police inquiry was over.

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Imam hatip hakaret

The audience applauded Gülsen for saying in his speech to Imam Hatip’s devotees during his concert in April, “He studied at Imam Hatip previously, imam hatiplilere hakaret his deviation originated from there.”

Imam hatiplilere kim hakaret etti

Singer Gülsen Bayraktar olakolu is the subject of an ex officio inquiry by the Istanbul Attorney General’s Office on of “inciting hate and animosity or insulting them.”

The Attorney General’s Office has made the decision to launch an ex officio inquiry into the crime in response to remarks made by singer Gülşen on stage during the event.

Imam hatip liselerine hakaret

For the artist Gülşen’s remarks made at the performance, he wrote a letter to the Istanbul Police Security Branch Directorate. imam hatip okullarina hakaret The minutes acknowledged and recorded Gülşen’s speech.

After being questioned for “inciting hatred and animosity or insulting individuals,” Gülşen was taken into custody by police at his house in Istanbul. The renowned artist will reportedly be escorted to the police station, where his statement will be recorded.

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Imam hatip okullarına hakaret

On the other hand, according to the most recent reports, Gülşen was transported to the courthouse after giving his testimony at the police station and was then submitted to the Peace Criminal Court with an arrest request.

Imam hatiplilere hakaret

In a message shared on his social media pages, Gülşen referred to the scandalous accusations as a farce.

“People who want to polarize society have highlighted and publicized the jokes I make with my coworkers, with whom I have worked in business and the workplace for many years,” Gülsen continues. I apologize if what I said fueled polarization in our society. He’s already said it.

symbolizes regret

At his Fatih office in Istanbul, Sabahattin Yamak, the Deputy Chair of the NDER of the Imam Hatipliler Association, made the comments.

“Members of the Imam School of As graduates, we witness a prejudiced approach to other types of schools from our pupils attending these schools, these schools, safe schools in our neighborhood,” Yamak continued in a statement.

Members who are intolerant and attack these schools as a form of retaliation for their hatred. The graduate school members of the handanur—the members’ katiph kmnnnduanki—should be ashamed of this. “We are adamantly opposed,” Catania added.

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