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Link Video Juan Carlos Gamez Twitter

Because of the inland-exclusive configuration with no coastline run, the 54th SCORE International Baja 500 was regarded as a hard and complex course in both design and environment prior to race day.

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Fears of not completing were realized for many when attrition and other mishaps removed numerous front-runners, including Four-Wheeler pole sitter Luke McMillin.

Rob MacCachren pulled away to his third Baja 500 triumph in the Four-Wheel category as the opposition around him faded. Juan Carlos Gamez Twitter Juan Carlos Salvatierra, winner of the San Felipe 250 Bikes, won his division’s race to go two-for-two in the 2022 SCORE World Desert Championship.

Having already won in 1996 and 2018, MacCachren claimed victory number three in a time of nine hours, twenty-two minutes, and forty-seven seconds. Broc Dickerson finished second among the Four-Wheelers despite a two-minute disadvantage, earning his first SCORE podium.

Trophy Trucks dominated the top twelve overall places, with Trophy Truck Legends champion Gus Vildósola finishing first. Defending 500 champion Larry Roeseler followed MacCachren and Dickerson on the podium, making his 50th career start in the event.

The victory wraps off a good day for MacCachren, Juan Carlos Gamez Twitter who outperformed Trophy Truck competitors San Felipe champion McMillin, Bryce Menzies, and Mike Walser.

Although McMillin and Menzies were early favorites, the latter’s engine failed after 85 km, and Menzies’ Red Bull teammate Andy McMillin also had a blown engine. Andy’s cousin Luke would lose the lead when his steering box broke (a issue that afflicted other Mason-built trucks like Walser’s), but he would still finish sixth.

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“We just picked our way through it with expertise and had nice pit stops and no difficulties, and everything went well,” MacCachren said.

Salvatierra of Pro Moto Unlimited led the Moto/Quad race from start to finish, beginning on pole and never lost the lead, clocking in at 11:02:33. twitter juancarlosgamex Forrest Minchinton put up the most of a fight against the Bolivian, but fell short by less than two minutes at 11:04:04.

“Thank you to all of BOLIVIA for believing in my team and me today, we finished the race with a VICTORY,” Salvatierra wrote on social media. “The first Latin American team to win the Baja500.” BOLIVIA AND LATIN AMERICA ARE MAKING HISTORY.”

Outside of the major names, the 261-car grid was littered with collisions, retirements, juancarlosgamex and worse. Several driver and rider changes happened before to race day, including Andy McMillin.

Eric Hustead was replaced in the #38 entry when Hustead was unable to go to Baja due to personal reasons, Class 7F’s Justin Park was changed out for Todd Fasching due to sickness, and Vildósola’s son and support crew member Tavo Vildósola tested positive for COVID- 19.

Dan Myers’ #6 Trophy Truck was forced to halt at RM 102 because his co-driver developed heat exhaustion symptoms that prompted a helicopter evacuation; la varita de emiliano video apk the navigator has since recovered. Nonetheless, the scenario was a bottleneck, with vehicles such as John McNeil’s Trophy Truck Spec being stranded in a ditch.

Elsewhere, Pro Moto racers James Avery and Jacob Nieder were hospitalized after being engaged in wrecks, while Pro Moto Limited rider Christopher Gil was involved in a particularly gruesome accident in which he slid from his bike and his (helmeted) head was ran over by Steven Lopez’s Pro Quad.

All three were unharmed, and Gil ultimately restarted the race, placing second in his class; Gil and Lopez have since apologized. Ryan Hancock’s car was hit head-on by a non-race vehicle driving backwards on the circuit, but he was unharmed.

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A serious issue was an incident at the BFGoodrich pit area at RM 145 in which three spectators were struck by a Trophy Truck Spec that was trying to find a dust-free lane. The three injured, who included youngsters, were allegedly evacuated to a hospital.

The Sportsman class was not without incident, as RM 90 saw Brian Wipperman’s #245X Moto collide with Juan Pablo Gonzalez’s #104A Quad, resulting in head injuries for Wipperman and a damaged kneecap for Gonzalez.

As the night proceeded, numerous drivers, including Carlos Ibarra’s TT Spec and Justin Smith’s Pro UTV Stock, were sent off course or into plants and ditches, necessitating the dispatch of pursue crews to remove them.

Following Brad Wilson’s crash, the dry lakebed on RM 430 was the site of a major logjam, and Walser’s race fell apart when his team’s vehicle broke down here, resulting in a significant delay for repairs before continuing; the Walser/Jax Redline tandem would finish fifteenth in class.

SCORE gave twenty-two time credits to aid individuals trapped in jams or to reward helpers during crises under these situations, with Christian Sourapas, Jordan Brenthel, and Gary Magness receiving credits of nearly an hour in length to wipe the delay from their total times.

Others were more fortunate than others in the midst of the tumult. The #299 Trophy Truck Spec of Charles Dorrance and Larry Job lost its body and obscuredthe former’s vision during a run across a dry lakebed, while the latter was forced to drive with a damaged brake line, which caused his eyes to be “this big [creates large circles with hands around eyes], I was scared, I was thinking about my mom.” Despite the chaotic day, the submission got completed.

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