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Link Video Mutahi Ngunyi Twitter

Mutahi Ngunyi, a political analyst, now says his trust in the country’s democracy is based on the Supreme Court judges’ queries on the second day of the hearing of the presidential case filed at the Supreme Court of Kenya.

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Ngunyi made the statements on Twitter on Thursday to comment on the Supreme Court proceedings.

“The questions posed by the judges confirm my faith as a political scientist.”

Ngunyi, who endorsed Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga for the top job, ndindi nyoro twitter expressed confidence that the Supreme Court justices will do the right thing for Kenyans.

The bench grilled the legal team defending the IEBC and President-elect William Ruto on Thursday.

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Mutahi Ngunyi Twitter

Raila’s legal team filed their response on Wednesday.

Justice Njoki Ndung’u questioned the IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati’s authority.

During her questioning, she stated that Chebukati had been made to look confident in the commission’s handling of submissions to the Supreme Court of Kenya.

What is the salary for this chair if the commissioners have no say in his role? What if he announced the erroneous findings, became mentally handicapped , kalonzo twitter became sick, or died?” Ndung’u inquired.

Justice Smokin Wanjala also questioned why Chebukati did not release the results from the 27 seats after the situation had calmed down.

Video Mutahi Ngunyi Twitter

Wamae quickly responded on the same forum, denying being a UDA mole and criticizing Ngunyi for making an unreasonable statement.

“Perhaps you could conduct a section on the 5th Estate (Mutahi’s weekly TV show) with a clear definition of a mole.” “You cannot claim to speak for myself or the Roots Party from where I am,” she said.

She went on to say that Mutahi, a State House employee, was on Azimio’s payroll and should enjoy the money without mentioning her in his advertising.

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Wamae alleged yesterday that Wajackoyah was supporting Azimio without contacting party members.

“It’s true that Wajackoyah is backing Azimio, but we haven’t addressed it as a party,” she explained.

If Wajackoyah withdraws from the presidential race, the deputy presidential nominee says she would back another candidate, but not Raila.

“If we have to choose who to support, I will vote for the Contrary.”

Wajackoyah has subsequently denied backing the former Prime Minister, stating that his statements were misconstrued since he was only applauding Raila.

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