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Raymond Briggs (1934-2022) was a well-known and well-liked artist. He was born in Wimbledon Park in 1934 and went on to study at the Wimbledon School of Art and then at the Slade School of Fine Art, producing a treasure trove of work.

He produced iconic figures for generations of youngsters, books by raymond briggs such as Fungus the Bogeyman, Father Christmas, and, of course, the famous Snowman.

Throughout his career, he received several accolades, including the Kurt Maschler Award, The Children’s Book of the Year,the snowman raymond briggs the Dutch Silver Pen Award, and the famous Kate.

Raymond Briggs received the BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. The BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an author or illustrator’s body of work that has made a significant contribution to children’s literature.

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The award was established in 2015 to recognize an author or artist who has made an extraordinary contribution to children’s books. Shirley Hughes, author of the Dogger and Alfie series, was the inaugural recipient, and Judith Kerr received the prize in 2016.

Judge Shami Chakrabarti remarked of Raymond Briggs’ work, “Raymond is a great artistic talent who has touched the hearts of millions of children of all ages.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and his distinct illustrating style, as well as his modest yet heartbreaking story and dialogue, are recognizable. His skill represents his ideals, and via his topic selection and presentation, he brings our past and contemporary difficulties to life.”

Ethel & Ernest, a graphic novel biography of his parents, when the wind blows became a best-seller in the United Kingdom; see below for a teaser for the animated feature film based on the novel.

Books by Raymond Briggs

Raymond Redvers Briggs discovered an early interest and skill in graphic art and went on to study at Wimbledon School of Art and then the famed Slade School of Fine Arts. He acquired an interest in strip cartoon art, raymond briggs books list and the majority of his most well-known works are in this style.

He began his career illustrating other people’s work, which he found irritating since “they were so poor I felt I could do better myself.” In 1961, he composed Midnight Adventure and sent it to the editor, hoping for guidance – he got the opposite. published.

Sledges to the Rescue, 1963, is an early example of a book he wrote and illustrated in which he exploits his father’s experiences as a milkman to bring stories to life ethel and ernest.

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His parents continue to inspire him, with his father serving as the model for the notoriously obstinate and reclusive eponymous figure in Father Christmas, the first book to employ the comic format to speed up the narrative and enable visuals to convey the story. In The Snowman, he takes this concept even farther by sending text messages at all.

Briggs has always had a pragmatic approach to life, raymond briggs when the wind blows not always presenting happy endings because “I constructed what appeared natural and inevitable.”

Snowmen perished, as did my parents, animals, and flowers. Everything was depressing, a part of life. ” Many of his most adored creatures are cranky or simply weary of life’s humiliations and trials.

He revealed in an interview “Fungus the Bogeyman is a commoner who goes to work every day. He is fed up with it and wonders what the point of life is. What do we know about Santa Claus? He was elderly and obese, and he worked in the same factory as my father, who was a milkman.

He’s been doing it his entire life, and he’s cold, dirty, and fatigued, so it’s natural for him to be sick of it and cranky.”

Briggs has created a significant body of work since 1961, has won several accolades, including the two-time Kate Greenaway Medal for Illustration for the 1966 Mother Goose Treasury and 1973 Father Christmas.

And has had many of her works adapted for the stage and cinema . He is still one of the most well-known and successful picture book illustrators of our time.

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