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Link Video Sanna Marin Twitter

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Link Video Sanna Marin Twitter

Sanna Marin, a video of Finland’s 36-year-old Prime Minister’s party, has polarized social media. While many people think Marin’s dancing and partying are unsuitable for a prime minister, ylilauta others disagree.

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Earlier last week, a video of Sanna Marin dancing and partying went viral. Marin held a news conference on Thursday, saying he had done nothing unlawful and criticizing the video publisher for exposing footage from a private gathering.

According to Newsweek, the footage was initially broadcast by Visegrad 24. The video, which has received over a million shares on social media, iltalehti is captioned.

“He has previously been accused for visiting too many music festivals and spending too much on partying rather than governing.”

In the Finnish PM video, Americans had a lot to say. Many Americans see parallels between Sanna Marin’s dance videos and those of New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex.

When Ocasio-video Cortez’s was condemned online, iltalehti sanna marin she reacted with more dance captions: “I heard the GOP thought women’s dancing was a shame.”

“Wait till they discover the Congresswoman also dances!” Her tweet was accompanied; by a video of her dancing outside her new Capitol Hill office.

Sanna Marin’s video was dubbed a “small AOC moment” by Twitter user @KatriBertram. “They must have assumed that everyone would see him as foolish. That’s very cute. “I’m sure the same thing will happen here,” Reddit user @dujiminol said.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, sanna marin party people are comparing the footage of Sanna Marin dancing to the video of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dancing to Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.”

In 2019, Sanna Marin was appointed Prime Minister. She was motivated by a party in December 2021 where she was discovered at a nightclub after a coworker tested positive for COVID-19.

He said he did not get a text message instructing him to isolate twitter aleksi valavuori. He then apologized for his lapse of judgment.

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Link Bio Sanna Marin Twitter

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