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New Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing

One of basketball player Kobe Bryant’s kids is Anna Bryant. She has been selected an Honorary Draftee for the 2020 WNBA Draft in addition to being the daughter of a well-known player.

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In 2020, a helicopter disaster in Calabasas, California, kobe bryant crash claimed the lives of him, his father, an NBA Hall of Famer, and seven other people. He was just 13 years old when he passed away.

Gianna Bryant’s name has lately been included in trending topics because her mother, Vanessa, accused Joey Cruz, a LA County Deputy Sheriff, of disseminating images of Kobe’s corpse without a valid official mandate.

He then proceeded to court in a lawsuit involving horrific images from a tragic helicopter crash in 2020 against Los Angeles County. gianna bryant autopsy report drawing.

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Report from Gianna Bryant’s autopsy

A lot of people thought Gianna Bryant’s autopsy report was just as horrifying as her father’s.

Knowing he had to experience such abuse despite being a youngster started several people. Nearly four months after the helicopter accident, the Kobe and Gianna Bryant autopsy findings have been made public.

Even on social media, kobe bryant death some expressed their outrage about the disclosure of Bryant’s autopsy report, calling it callous.

According to accounts, Gianna Bryant’s death was documented as an accident but was actually caused by physical trauma from a commercial helicopter crash. describing a breakdown of his anatomy, including any damage from physical trauma.

Upper cervical cord transection, severe skull fractures, and cerebral avulsion are examples of injuries that can be lethal quickly. Similar to how toxicological research were noted adversely in the report’s opinion section.

His spine went through his head as a result of being dragged into the terrible accident, savagely destroying the entire body till it was entirely unrecognizable.

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Online sources state that Kobe actually lost his lower torso, one arm, and—surprisingly—part of his head.

To make a precise match between the bodies of the 9 passengers, forensics had to depend on DNA evidence. The father and daughter’s deaths were swift and abrupt since no ashes were discovered in their lungs.

According to reports, Gianna also suffered total amputation of her lower abdomen and loss of her legs and shins. The fact that he had his right leg amputated was also mentioned by journalists.

The specifics draw attention to broken bones, burned garments, and deformed body parts. After examining the deceased, the autopsy revealed bilateral injuries to the lower legs and upper cranium.

Internal injuries are characterized by several palpable face fractures, including those of the nasal bridge, bilateral maxilla, and mandible, in addition to displaced skull fractures. A significant liver laceration in the right lobe and a severe cut to the left kidney were also seen.

The whole sports world was completely shocked by Kobe Bryant’s terrible demise. On January 26, 2020, a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, claimed the lives of the NBA icon, his daughter Gianna, and seven other people. T

he Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner published Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report last month, confirming that Bryant and the other victims perished from blunt force trauma. The cause of death has been determined to be an accident.

The autopsy of Kobe Bryant was released on social media

Due to some of the graphic facts of the disaster, the report that was issued last month did not get extensive media coverage. However, a full autopsy report and a drawing of Kobe Bryant’s autopsy were recently posted online by an unidentified user, emphasizing the brutality of the tragedy.

Twitter is being flooded with images and information about the victims discovered by authorities after the collision as a result of the ‘Kobe Bryant autopsy leaked’ news that went viral. It is rumored that a member of the ‘Morbid Reality’ Reddit forum was the first to publish Kobe Bryant’s autopsy drawing and entire report.

According to the allegation, the NBA icon had entirely lost his lower torso, one arm, and even a portion of his cranium. As a result, Kobe and Gigi’s autopsy report sparked debate on Twitter and Reddit.

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