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Kenya’s electoral commission chairman declared Deputy President William Ruto the winner of the close presidential election over five-time contender Raila Odinga on Monday, a victory for the man who shook up politics by appealing to struggling Kenyans on economic grounds rather than traditional ethnic ones.

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According to the chairman, Ruto earned 50.49% of the votes with more than 7.1 million, while Odinga received 48.85% with more over 6.9 million in last Tuesday’s peaceful election.

However, four of the seven electoral commissioners were warned media just before the announcement that they could not support the “opaque character” of the last phase of the vote-verification procedure.

“We cannot take ownership of the outcome that will be announced,” vice chair Juliana Cherera stated, without providing any specifics. Police rushed to the announcement site amid yelling and scuffles before election commission head Wafula Chebukati proclaimed the official results – and stated the two commissioners who remained with him had been hurt.

The panel abruptly split minutes after Odinga’s main agent stated that they could not verify the results and made claims of “electoral violations” without providing details or proof. Odinga did not attend the event.

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Kenyans are now waiting to see if Odinga would go to court again to challenge the election results in a country critical to regional stability. This is expected to be the 77-year-old longstanding opposition figure’s final attempt, supported this time by erstwhile opponent and departing President Uhuru Kenyatta, who had a falling out with his deputy, Ruto, years ago.

“Any results announced by IEBC Chairman Wafuka Chebukati are INVALID since he did not have a quorum of commissioners to conduct a plenary and make such a significant judgment.

” The ongoing activity at Bomas is now ILLEGAL, according to Odinga spokesman Makau Mutua in a tweet. “It is not over till it is over,” Odinga’s running partner, former justice minister Martha Karua, tweeted.

Candidates and others have seven days from the day of the election to register a challenge to the results. The Supreme Court will rule within 14 days.

Streets throughout Kenya that were already filled with eager supporters erupted, with elation in some areas and fury in others. As darkness struck, Odinga supporters chanted “No Raila, no peace” as they burnt tires in Nairobi’s packed Kibera district.

Despite being ignored by the president, the 55-year-old Ruto battled back, telling voters that the race was between “hustlers” like him from humble origins and the “dynasties” of Kenyatta and Odinga, whose fathers were Kenya’s first president and vice president. Odinga has been running for president for the past quarter-century.

In his acceptance speech, Ruto congratulated Odinga and underlined the importance of an election focused on problems rather than ethnic conflicts, adding, “Gratitude goes to millions of Kenyans who refused to be confined into tribal cocoons.” He went on to say that those who had opposed his candidacy “had nothing to worry… “Vengeance has no place here.”

Turnout in this election fell to 65%, showing Kenyans’ fatigue with seeing the same long-standing political leaders on the ballot and discontent with East Africa’s economic hub’s terrible economic conditions. Kenyan politics at the top are typically defined less by ideological platforms and more by relationships that pave the way to power and the riches that comes with it.

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They Kenyans were particularly suspicious after the Supreme Court earlier this year denied Kenyatta’s bid to amend the constitution to create, among other things, a prime minister job that some worried Kenyatta might occupy if Odinga won.

Many Kenyans saw Odinga, who was famed for his years in jail while fighting for multiparty democracy decades ago and for supporting Kenya’s trailblazing 2010 constitution, as part of the establishment for supporting the proposed constitutional revisions.

Despite his current position and affluence, Ruto positioned himself as the arrogant outsider, emphasizing his chicken-selling origins. Former President Daniel Arap Moi, who mentored a young Ruto and governed over a one-party system that Odinga opposed, was a pivotal figure in both men’s careers.

The electoral commission increased openness in this election by releasing online the more than 46,000 results forms from around the nation, effectively enabling Kenyans to conduct the counting themselves. For the first time, the general public was able to watch the election as sometimes wary local media outlets and even individuals collated and published information as a check on the official process. Such polls put Ruto ahead.

As Kenyans awaited official results for over a week, both Odinga and Ruto called for calm, echoing appeals from police, civil society groups, and religious leaders in a country where previous elections have been marred by political violence.

Following the 2007 election, more than 1,000 people were slain when Odinga claimed victory was stolen from him in an election widely perceived to be rigged. The International Criminal Court charged Ruto, then Odinga’s supporter, for crimes against humanity for his participation in the violence, but the case was dropped due to charges of witness intimidation.

After the 2017 election results were invalidated by the Supreme Court for irregularities, a first in Africa, Odinga boycotted the re-run election, which Kenyatta won, and declared himself the “people’s president” in a ceremony that sparked allegations of treason. Following a period of upheaval in which dozens of people were killed, Odinga and Kenyatta publicly clasped hands to restore calm.

Kenyans want the peace to last. “Leaders come and go,” Richard Osiolo, a native of the western Nyanza area, remarked over the weekend, dismissing the necessity for conflict because competing candidates eventually reach an agreement. “I should stay alive and see you lead, good or evil, and then I may select another leader.”

Both candidates promised to assist Kenya’s underprivileged. Odinga pledged government cash handouts to low-income families, and Ruto promised more than $1 billion in government investment every year to create work prospects in a country where more than a third of young Kenyans are unemployed.

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